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Beautyfyn – The best Organic and All Natural Skin and Hair care Formula of 21st Century.



BEAUTYFYN is a natural brand for skin and hair care that was launched in the year 2020 with a mission to create a brand for people who believe in a sustainable and organic way of living life. BEAUTYFYN is a complete organic and natural brand for skin and hair care without any harmful chemicals such as silicon free, sulphate free, cruelty free and paraben free together with USFDA Certified and this makes BEAUTYFYN stand apart from the crowd. That’s how the journey of BEAUTYFYN began by the founder Mr. Sanjay Kumar Ojha. Currently,the range of products of BEAUTYFYN is limited to the products of hair care like shampoo, conditioner and oil together with multi- purpose organic powders for both skin and hair care. The products of BEAUTYFYN can be used by any gender above 16 years of age.

The idea behind the formation of BEAUTYFYN was originated from the founder himself when he had suffered a side effect from a branded product on his scalp that resulted into itching and roughness and this triggered him to create a brand with all natural approach and chemical free. The expertise from India and the US are behind the creation of the products at BEAUTYFYN that are not only safe and natural but also meet the highest standards for ingredient safety in accordance with standard manufacturingpractices. BEAUTYFYN strives to help people so that they can makesustainable choices for themselves as well as for the environment.

The founder Mr. Sanjay shares the details of the production “Our every product comes with a descriptive list of ingredients with the mention of each and every constituent so that the customer’s remains informed with a crystal view of the product meant for usage over skin. Moreover, each of our products goes through different levels of GMP-certified testing that includes dermatological safety testing, stability testing, heavy metals testing, and efficacytesting and once all testing are done successfully then only the products are sent for production and even after the production is done each and every products are minutely checked by the quality control team and then only the products are finally launched in the market”

BEAUTYFYN follows sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues, advanced computer modeling techniques, with proper research by human volunteers and this makes BEAUTYFYN a cruelty-free organization. Their love for the environment is proved from their recycled packaging. BEAUTYFYN is the first personal care company in India to use up to 100% recycled plastic packaging across their entire range of product and they proudly label themselves as environment-friendly. Mr. Sanjay takes pride in sharing “We acquire waste plastic from the oceans and landfills across the globe and sanitize, pelletize, melt, and remold it into the BEAUTYFYN packaging. We don’t use any single-useplastic in our secondary packaging, such as plastic bags, shrink wrap, or excessive tape. As a cherry on top, our labels are printed using food-grade, biodegradable ink”

Though it was not so easy for BEAUTYFYN to create a large customer base in the country initially and it was bit challenging for them due to the already existed similar products of big brands but it’s the quality of BEAUTYFYN that spoke and made them differentiated from other products. They are 100% client centric in their dealings prioritizing customer satisfaction. They hugely respect every criticism and feedback as this motivates them to grow even better. Certainly, it was Mr. Sanjay’s innovative and extraordinary mind, courage and determination that made BEAUTYFYN a largely used organic and natural product in skin and hair care category with making a mark in the Industry.

Mr. Sanjay belonged to a lower middle class family and he started his first e-commerce business with just 17000 INR from his savings and after serving for 2.5 years in an e-commerce firm he started BEAUTYFYN that clocked 2 Crores INR in the first year and claims to hit the target of 25 crores in the current financial year. He feels very ecstatic to share that BEAUTYFYN is expanding the range of products along with the horizon and pledges to serve the customers with the best, chemical free, organic, and all natural skin care.




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