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“Good Food is Good Mood”, people now have become highly critical when it comes to food, they have continuous growing concern about food that is healthy but at the same time taste’s amazing as well. People no longer settle for less; they try new cuisines, are health-conscious yet not willing to sacrifice taste, and have a knack for good eating. Keeping in mind all these traits, a food entrepreneur has to go through a lot of struggles in order to serve you the best food ever.

When you first consider starting a food service business, you are unlikely to consider all of the potential pitfalls. You believe in your concept and want it to succeed. Even if your firm is a success, you will face challenges along the way. Even the most successful businesses confront challenges in their day-to-day operations. The truth is that running a restaurant is a difficult business. The greatest approach to avoid being overwhelmed by difficulties is to be prepared for them from the start.

And so today we at Msquare bring you the story of a national level athlete turned food entrepreneur, Mr. Anuranjan Verma head of Biryani by Annie and founder of Anikesh foods pvt ltd.

Anuranjan came to Delhi 4 years back from Lucknow to pursue his career in athletics. While training to be an athlete, he had a very strict diet to follow to maintain his physique but there were some cheat days that allowed him to eat whatever he wished and so he chose to eat Biryani but he came across, that there was not a single place which provided wholesome biryani. He came across biryani’s which were either too spicy or too pale or it was either over cooked or under cooked or the quality was not up to the mark. So, after seeing and tasting all this, he thought of starting his very own food corner and to become a food entrepreneur.

After talking to his uncle and an executive chef about his idea to start a food outlet, he started working towards his dream and with their guidance and his hard work Anikesh private limited a company was formed under which Biryani by Annie was brought to life. 

The main goal of Biryani by Annie is to provide healthy yet tasty biryani at all sorts, even though the price factor is a little on the high end. Anuranjan took up the strategy of providing the best-in-class biryani at affordable prices to ensure that his customers don’t doubt the money they spent on it. Anuranjan makes sure that the spices that are used in the preparation are fresh, and that they are grinded there and then in the kitchen, Desi Ghee is used to make the biryani, each and everything is measured and is then added to it. There is a full step by step procedure for the chefs to make the biryani. Every little ingredient that is used either veg or non-veg is fresh and to avoid wastage, the quantities of ingredients are only brought on a day-to-day basis.

But as stated above, the challenges that a food entrepreneur face are never ending, due to covid the health and sanitization factor became an important aspect for the customers and so the staff at Biryani by Annie took all the important measures to ensure the safety of the customers, they started giving out sanitizers, they sanitize their work stations and kitchen every 45 mins, all of the staff wears proper uniform and are vaccinated.

Anuranjan had a very clear business aspect in his mind which was to ensure proper quality standards and he is working day and night to achieve it. For an athlete this was a huge turn around but he succeeded in it and also hopes to represent India in athletics someday while running Biryani by Annie. This shows that if you have something in your mind that you want to do, then there is nothing that will stop you from achieving it.

Also, if we have made you crave biryani by the end of this article, we are not sorry because we too are craving it, so go and give Biryani by Annie a try, you will definitely be amazed. Order on Zomato or Swiggy or visit the outlet in Rohini sector 2. Biryani lovers awaited.

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