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Startup – Himachal’s Rajneesh Sharma launches an innovative business promotion platform that brings a new hope for retail shops, showroom owners & service providers!



Rajneesh Sharma the founder of innovative platform is a resident of Kullu valley in north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Being an Internet enthusiast, he believes in the power of original, workable ideas that can transform lives of masses and give solutions to some fundamental problems of business. He observed that the evolution of web based business for small players was growing rapidly a few years back, but suddenly got shaken with the advent of large organized players. That was a point of worry for him as he was in the travel business himself & affected badly in that. Seeing big brands entering and destroying small players shook his thoughts & attention. He wanted to save himself and many others like him in different segments of business and that’s how was born.

Rajneesh observed that the regular business & retail community of India is still not having an appropriate platform where they can update their local customers on a day to day basis with daily hot deals, sales, latest product arrivals or new offers.

He realized, small and mid segment businessmen, retailers or service providers are not able to beat the competition from big online shopping portals and were also unable to inform their customers rightly on day-to-day their business offers and updates due to lack of any appropriate platform.  He conceptualized a business broadcast platform that will not only help businessmen to post shopping and hot deals, sales, regularly but they will also be assisted by authorized service resellers who will help them create good content, details and information in a rightful manner.

Though social media advertising is also popular these days,but that too has its own limitations. It doesn’t allow users to find information based on their desired category, filters or city exactly. The advertising algorithms of social platforms are based on post boost, targeting interests, and few more complex things, which an average, layman businessman finds hard to handle and also not so expert to deal with these issues rightly. innovativeness is about being a business promotion platform that will be backed by associate service resellers, which is an unique USP that was entirely missing in the Indian market, & has not been applied ever till date. Other than service oriented reseller network, the platform will have an added advantage of putting verified, authentic business information. This will be cross checked by authorized resellers, thus minimizing the risk of online frauds or cheating with customers, which is very common these days due to unchecked fraudsters on social media and free ad posting platforms.

The current scenario for Indian retailers and businessmen is much turbulent and not so comfortable in a practical sense. Since the last few years most small and medium enterprises, shops, showrooms and regular service providers in the entire nation are facing consecutive problems one after another. First it was the emergence of big shopping malls that mushroomed almost everywhere in metros, tier two cities and even small towns with small population & later internet & technology oriented online shopping portals further created new challenges. This was the first dent to small shops and retailers of metro cities that later spread to tier two cities and small towns of India. Now with large organized players entering online shopping and organized retail in most sectors it has dented small and medium businessmen further, and finally the corona times since long too pushed problems to further extremes.

But despite all odds, venture is committed to promote small and medium business enterprises of India who are facing a tough time for a long time by organized online shopping and service ventures. The day-to-day local business broadcast and promotion in the entire nation is still a large area where many possibilities are not explored rightly with innovative solutions. is also a trademark secure venture and also eligible for patent claim on part of USP as it has cleared worldwide novelty check by a patent consultancy firm from Bangalore. The USP of business broadcast venture in reseller format has not been applied yet anywhere in the world till date.

Finally the venture is on ready to launch mode, all product testing and bugs are being settled. The entire team involved in product design, development is entirely Indian, and it will be the first 100% Made in India Venture for promoting Indian businessmen from all sections. Rajneesh is also in touch with some reputed financial consultants who are getting this venture bridged for capital infusion ahead on further developments. Besides, he also feels a little skeptical that some already established ventures on the same service line could copy his USP and products  innovative features.

The platform Bizlx is equally helpful for all business entities be it large showroom to street food vendor to small service provider, it will work for promotion for every legitimate business around our lives. The product launch will be a beta version and will keep evolving parallel with growing subscribers and user traffic. Rest, for his vision, Rajneesh Sharma is fully confident that will keep helping a large section of all Indian retailers, manufactures and service providers in the long run with new innovative solutions.

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