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Chaiops story from a small idea to a venture of over 30 outlets in India



As a matter of fact, nothing is more important than your efforts and innovation that can take you to zenith level along with the focus and identification of your niche that lets you work to your strengths and develop market expertise and loyalty. What counts at the end is your passion and innovative skills when blended form a unique business idea that inspires you to start your journey towards your goal. Such is the story of chaiops that though started as a Tea Café in Dehradun and now in a span of two years it has elevated to more than 30 stores across India.

Chaiops came into being in the year 2019 with an aim to deliver a delicious taste of brewed cup of Chai to the tea lovers. The top-notch quality of the tea is sourced from the tea estates of India so that it can offer their customers with the best ever brew. Every recipe of chai are prepared after deep practical research that comes in the wide variety of fruit and flower chai, non-milk chai, milk chai, chocolate chai, Bombay cutting chai, Desi masala chai, iced chai and coffee. The teas in Chaiops are processed and sourced naturally subsequently keeping the original taste of tea but with addition of different flavours while keeping the traditional beverage alive.

 Besides the unmatched taste and beautiful colour, the chai of Chaiops comes with various health benefits that are great in stress management and mind healing that helps you to stay hale and hearty. The classic infrastructure of Chaiops makes it a perfect place for romantic date with resplendent vibes and aura all around. If you want to relax your mind and soul after a hectic day at office you can choose to sip any type tea from a kadak chai to elaichi chai r honey-flavored tea. Chaiops spares no effort to make your tea time truly memorable and valuable that surely calms down your fatigued mind.

Within 2 years since its inception Chaiops has expanded its wings to more than 30 outlets across India and its claiming to extend its wings to more than 100 outlets by the year end 2022. This proves the potentiality of the business model of chaipos that is becoming increasing popular with rise in success factors and unique selling propositions. The growth of chaiops have been witnessed even during pandemic and it’s just due to their point of differences that have not just survived but excelled their business even during lockdown. Well, started with a simple concept and now emerging to touch the sky and at such a short span of time. Indeed, tea is such a popular drink that Indians cannot even start a day and that is consumed widely, certainly every time is the tea time in India. During the financial year 2020 was the year where the consumption volume of tea in India was approximately one billion kilograms.

Research says, No other beverage is as revered or embraced just as tea and this make the culture of café a new lifestyle in India. The Indian café chain market is expected to reach 4540 crores by 2023. India now stands at the 10th fastest growing market for coffee and retail tea chains with the valuation of 2570 crores in 2018 and the consumers visiting cafes comprises from the age range of 18-35 years old and majority are working professionals.

Chaiops is inviting motivated and passionate entrepreneur or any individual with an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and grow with them. You can choose your own franchise module out of Kiosk café, compact café and Standalone café that comes with different specifications. You need not do any efforts just head to their official site and apply for a franchise. The raw materials for the best beverage will be provided at your doorstep. Chaiops commits to bring unique and extraordinary chai experience to their beloved customers.

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