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High Bass: Travel Through the Town with Sayyed Sohel Torvi



“High Bass” is a song by Sayyed Sohel Torvi that describes traveling through the town in a high-speed car with high bass music. In this song, Sayyed states that he travels in his black colored car with windows down while a 2 mm gun is on the next seat.

Simultaneously, the song playing has a high bass, something that most Indian youth enjoys in colleges or even during the last years of schooling. The artist iterates something very common in India, especially in small towns.

The lyrics, “गाडी की 150 पर रेज करके चोरा रखता है हाई बास करकेI गेडिया मारें पुरी टाउन में छोड़ा, रखता है पूरा हाई वाला बास करकेI” mean that “A boy is wandering through the town at 150 kmph and is playing music with high bass. The boy is driving through turns of the town while playing music with high high bass.”

The situation happens more often than you expect, even in the metro cities of the country. It signifies youth in India and describes the sheer and high level of energy as youngsters, willing to go through any obstacle.

The song is also meant for speed lovers who enjoy fast-driving cars and high music volumes. It even represents an average town boy as “Choraa” in the song, and the lyrics define the willingness to forget the world and the law at the moment.

Sayyed’s song “High Bass,” defines the epitome of youth in the country, especially children that recently became adults after reaching 18, which is considered the minimum driving age in India. Moreover, the song resonates that the city is filled with steep turns for cars and youngsters willing to go through them every day.

Besides this, Sayyed even states that he is carrying a 2 mm gun in the song. The gun portrays it as a protection against people willing to stand in the way of his life or while driving the car. It even signifies the youth as rebellious in the song. In India, guns are available in almost every rural and urban household.

The song’s background has a “high bass,” which is also mentioned throughout and significantly noticeable in the beginning. The 2:21 minute song is written by the singer Sayyed Sohel Torvi based on personal or a friend’s experience.

More than 100,000 followers on Instagram handle “suhailrasool,” and 3.53 subscribers on the YouTube channel “Suhail Rasool” might have already listened to this and other other songs of the artist.

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