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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi All, I am Samata. Well, I hail from one of the popular steel cities of India, and my roots are from Bengal. If you check my academic background, I am, nowhere connected with the subject called literature. But my childhood upbringing remained with a literature loving family where reading books and writing quality content got encouragement. I used to write sometimes, but reading was something I was badly addicted to, and I proudly say that. I served as a banker and one fine day realized the urge to be different and work differently. That was the call, and then I switched to content development and started blogging. Yes, I am a blogger but not restricted to one specific niche. I started with book reviewing and interviewing budding talents and realized that I am capable to do much more. Then my entertainment portal was launched. 

  • What inspired you to take up blogging?

Blogging was a concept that was booming at that time, and I researched a lot to find the reason behind this popularity. Got the view, that if you want to share your opinion, your thoughts and other informative content among the maximum audience then, blogging is the way you can. Remained quite outspoken in my life, and I must say, that inspired me to take up blogging as a decent and respectful medium to help reach my voice among the mass audience. To take up blogging as a career option was something I never thought of. The credit goes to my better half, and he encouraged me to go ahead.

  • Brief us about your blog and the topics/themes it covers. is an entertainment portal that offers news and information, and interviews also. There are various segments in this portal like travel, fashion, food, book review, astrology, interviews, festival, bollynews, health, product reviews and many other things. In the coming time am planning to come up with many other segments. 

  • What are some of the topics/ themes that beginners in blogging can start with?

What I as a blogger experienced is that there is nothing called specific topics or themes for blogging. What is important is to write something informative which helps others to gain knowledge and sometimes the views you have that need to be shared with others.

  • Tell us a bit about your blogging journey so far.

Blogging started some 11 years back when I was working with banks. I started with book review blogging, and then I realized I should take it seriously and plan for it. After planning and research, launched, and it remained a wonderful journey so far, and I am fortunate to meet many more talented people through this platform. In short, my knowledge base expanded with blogging.

  • What according to you, is your best work to date?

My best work so far through this platform was two anthologies which I compiled and published it under the banner of Indiacafe24. The first one was ‘Lockdown Kaleidoscope’ (Kindle), an anthology, where young kids contributed their poems and memoirs about their Lockdown experience. The second book was ‘Yummy Life on Plate’ (Kindle and Paperback). This book was a collection of recipes by many home chefs of India.

  • What are your upcoming projects in this field?

There are so many plans in mind that will reveal with time.

  • Who is your favourite blogger? What would you do if you get to spend a day with your favourite writer blogger?

Some blogger is good with book reviews while some with fashion and product reviews, some are excellent with travel blogging while one with entertainment news. But naming one out of all as my favourite will be difficult. What I can say is that bloggers I came across are excellent in their respective niches. So all of them, are my favourite. 

A day with my favourite writer blogger— Ok, I will try to dig into his/her mind, and explore the way, they think for the subjects to blog.

  • How does it feel to be an award winner for your amazing work?

All awards are special, and when you get that for your hard work, trust me, I feel blessed.

  1. What would be your two-line advice to upcoming bloggers?
  • Be original and come up with new ideas
  • Learn as much as you can- The hunger to know more should never stop

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