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Anindita Gupta: Co-founder of Scenic Communication, Thriving Woman Entrepreneur!



Anindita Gupta is a woman entrepreneur who has been in the PR and marketing industry for over 14 years. Her experience and expertise in this dynamic field have given her a deep understanding of the communication landscape in India.

Anindita has worked with some of the leading PR agencies, including Percept Profile, Genesis Burson & Marsteller, and Mileage Communications, where she has collaborated with clients across various verticals, such as F&B, Fashion & Lifestyle, travel, hospitality, IT, Entertainment, and corporate. Her impressive client portfolio includes well-known brands like Flanders, Hong Kong Tourism Board, California Tourism Board, New Brand USA, GHM Hotel, Zealand Tourism Board, and many others.

One of Anindita’s key skills is her ability to strategize public relations, marketing, and advertisement campaigns with a methodical and disciplined approach. She has successfully executed campaigns for brands like Aspri Spirit, Venetian Macao, Deltin Corp, Schwarzkopf, Indola, Broadcast Asia, Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewelers, BlackBerry, Giovani, Zee Entertainment, FLY mobile, Education New Zealand, Essel World & Water Kingdom, among others.

Anindita Gupta was born and raised in Kolkata, where her mother was a social worker, and her father was the India head of a corporation. She completed her Media Science degree from George College, a West Bengal Technical University affiliate, while also freelancing as a journalist with a publication.

Anindita’s journey in PR began during her Mass Communication Degree, where she worked as a journalist and encountered the scope and potential of PR as a field. She always had an entrepreneurial bent of mind and wanted to create opportunities for herself and others. Therefore, she decided to work for some time, gain experience, and save some money before starting her own venture.

In 2016, Anindita co-founded Scenic Communication with just two members, and today it has emerged as one of the best PR firms in India. Her agency advocates for clients’ interests through ambitious and insightful content, which has earned her several accolades in the industry.

As a first-generation business owner, Anindita faced several challenges, especially in financial and business decisions. However, she learned from her mistakes and overcame these challenges to build a successful business.

Anindita believes that emerging technologies will play a significant role in the future of PR and digital marketing. The use of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most recognized fields where technology can make a big difference. These technologies enable PR and digital marketing professionals to obtain deeper insights into their target audiences and provide more tailored and pertinent material that appeals to them.

Other cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and voice assistants are also expected to have a bigger impact in the future of PR and digital marketing. These technologies present new potential for customer involvement and connection, and Anindita believes that staying updated with these technological advancements will help her agency stay ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, Anindita Gupta is a successful woman entrepreneur in the PR and marketing industry, with a remarkable client portfolio and expertise in strategizing campaigns. Her journey from freelancing as a journalist to co-founding one of the best PR firms in India is inspiring, and her insights into the future of PR and digital marketing provide valuable information for professionals in the field.

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