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Khizer Ahmed Founder & Director of Khizer Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd



Khizer Ahmed is a leading Entrepreneur from Bengaluru India {Founder & Director of Khizer Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd}. He is both driven and self-motivated, and he is constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. He is very passionate about Web Development and strives to better himself as an entrepreneur and the development community as a whole. Since 2015, Khizer has been working with responsive design integration and has experimented with several responsive techniques and tools. He has worked with Bootstrap, although he prefers to add responsive support manually, whenever possible.He is also a Trustee of CLICK ART which was started in June 2019 as a Non-Profit Organization with a single motto of imparting quality education to Photography professionals.In 2020, He was honored with a Doctorate in Information Technology from St. Mother Theresa University.Khizer is a very big fan of using media queries on his sites and he strives to design layouts that can easily be optimized for aesthetic appeal on each desktop, tablet, and cell phone. He is a social media specialist.Recently he was awarded as “Best Technology Expert” on 16 July 2021 by the National Institute of Skills Training (NIST).His company Khizer Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd,  a trusted software development firm has its vast industry knowledge and domain expertise in building multiple apps like ShubhVivaah (A Matrimony app) launching in 2022, Spell Bee League (An edutainment program for children) which are launching this year.People can get in touch with him on Instagram/Facebook @khizerahmedofficial.They can email him at

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