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Mustafa Ratlamwala: A known Social Media Strategist from Pune, who is shaping carriers of Youngsters & also aiding start-ups and businesses.



Digital marketing is a fastest growing field today. No matter small or big no business can survive without the right digital marketing techniques. You know digital marketing talent and expertise is quite rare. From last many years, internet marketing or digital marketing has become an important part of the successful business irrespective of their size of business. Thus, there are many industry professional who are keen to share their know-how. Among all of them, only selected few have got real knowledge and skills of digital marketing, and one of them is Mustafa Ratlamwala

Mustafa Ratlamwala “A Digital Marketing Strategist, in Pune, Maharashtra, India”

A veteran Digital Marketer and an E-Commerce Entrepreneur with 17+ years of experience in field of Marketing & Sales, Mustafa has helped several companies – from upcoming startups to big scale leaders – to develop growth strategies, which have generated vast increases in their revenue and traffic. He is also founder of a Digital Marketing Training Institute Opulent Digital, which is considered as a Premium Digital Marketing Institute in Pune.

“I’m a devoted and passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer. When I am not on my laptop, you will find me watching movies or spending time with my family. You can also find me on YouTube, researching about the new development happening in the digital marketing field.”

Since 2015, Mustafa Ratlamwala has been very active in the Digital Marketing Industry. With an aim to form the marketing learning place that will nurture young talents within this marketing field, he built Opulent Digital, which is truly committed in the Digital Marketing growth for individuals. He personally has trained over 1,000 professionals till now.

Unlike other experts in the different industry domains, Mustafa does not much subscribe to the fixed persona to gain expertise through intuition or experience. He believes on the evidence-based idea that is backed by a scientific method.

With his strong Digital Marketing efforts and campaigns, he has helped many Brands and companies to strengthen their internet presence. He has worked with several National and International brands like Lifestyle, Provouge, Lawman Pg3, Subhiksha, Shoppers Stop, The Sultan Centre – Kuwait, Spring Cleaning – UAE to name a few.

He nurtures Marketing efforts of the organisations from the startups to the top brands. He also has directed several campaigns of international brands making small steps in the new domains and corrected courses of successful marketing efforts.

Mustafa’s passion and hard work has helped him grow immensely in the field of Digital Marketing and is now a well-known face in Pune’s Digital Marketing arena. His work experience and various entrepreneurial ventures gave him an excellent chance to grow and experiment, refining his craft in this process.

Coming across several ups and downs, from the Junior Officer in a Financial Company to a leading Digital Marketer, it was a roller coaster ride for him. His pure dedication and passion for knowledge has helped him to gain a popular name in today’s Digital Marketing arena. Within no time, he has been associated with more than 50 brands.

The year 2020 proved to be a disaster for many individuals and small business owners due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite various impediments, some Digital Marketing trends managed to thrive on the scene with high headwinds into 2021.

In this turbulent time Mustafa Ratlamwala has stepped up to help small business owners to regain their lost business. With his Digital Marketing skills and techniques, he helped them know that the traditional method won’t work and it is the time to go Digital. He is also helping individuals to learn various tricks to implement Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing to create an extra source of passive income and make them Industry ready.

Mustafa Ratlamwala also heads a Digital Marketing agency Opulent Ad Media which gives complete Digital Marketing Solutions to Brands, Individuals and Influencers. He also heads a Premium Digital Marketing Institute in Pune Opulent Digital where students are trained in latest Digital Marketing Techniques.

Besides this, he is known to be the popular and best digital marketing and social media consultants in India.

You can connect with him on Instagram at

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