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Prognosia Physiotherapy Clinic in Gurgaon – Advanced Physiotherapy clinic in of Delhi NCR



“Prognosia is one of the best rated advanced physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon specialized for back pain treatment, joint pain and spinal treatment founded by Dr. Sarvotam Chauhan”

Joint pain and muscle pain at times takes refuge in the human body for lifetime. Sometimes the chronic pain comes with unbearable pain and discomfort that seeks the medical attention of an expert healthcare practitioner for immediate relief. This is where the physiotherapists are recommended for long term treatment with physiotherapy where it gets the treatment done with proper plan, techniques and attainable goals.

Prognosia came into existence by Dr. Sarvotam Chauhan with a mission to serve the community with the best and ethical treatment with latest physiotherapy equipments with high power class 4 laser therapies. Dr. Sarvotam has a demonstrated history of treating patients to avoid spine surgery and joint surgery. It strives to be a dedicated and world class healthcare system known for its exceptional clinical services in for the physical and mental well being of the people by their unique patient centric and holistic approach.

Prognosia is a one stop solution for all your physiotherapy needs which is headed by Dr. Sarvotam with a team of experienced doctors, therapists and healers who had integrated with their special skills in order to make an efficient healing system with an incorporation of multidimensional therapeutic intervention. It’s a complete rehabilitation centre with the presence of specialist from major departments of Physiotherapy , orthopedics,Diet and Nutrition Therapy, occupational therapist and many more. The team at Prognosia has rich experience in healing issues related to visible body, invisible body, and body energy with advanced and sophisticated process and clinical researches related to posture, alignment and biomechanics of the human body. The physiotherapists are trained in diagnosing and treating joint and muscle problems.

Besides, Prognosia also offers computer aided revolutionary training module called “Sports performance Enhancement Programme” the scientific programme is structured in such a way that it collaborates between the structural and functional status of a player and therefore the static and dynamic challenges posed by his game. The teams at Prognosia are experts in assessing movement and show the players how to protect their joints during the game.

The services provided by Prognosia Physiotherapy Clinic:

– Manual Therapy

-Postural Alignment Therapy

– Osteopathy and Chiropractic

– Occupational Therapy

– Medical Acupuncture

– Weight Management

– Nuero Rehab

– Sports Injury Treatment

-Geriatric Care

– Dry Needling

– Speech Therapy

– Antenatal/Postnatal Classes

Prognosia provides treatment on Musculoskeletal Disorder, Neurological Disorder, Pre and post surgery, Sports Injury, and stress management with advanced technology of High power laser, ECSWT (Shock Wave Therapy), Advanced Electrotherapy, Wireless Electro, Medical Gym ,Body Composition Analyzer. Prognosia spares no effort to help its patients to resume and maintain an active and independent life both at home and work.

If you want to bring back the vigour and vitality in your life then you must embrace the holistic approach of Prognosia that aims for its client’s wellness and harmony with terrific health benefits.