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Rejection to Redirection- Journey of 19 Authors Overcoming Rejections



Ever faced rejections in your life from being let go from a job, or having an application turned down? Then Keep Reading!

If someone rejects you, it is often through no fault of your own, and it means that you are not well suited to the person or opportunity. If you understand rejection as being unworthy or unlovable, it is likely because in one form or another it triggers the belief that life is a good thing, and that is the point we want to address and let go of.

Rejection is a way of teaching us and pointing out things, people, places and opportunities that are better than expected. It is also a way to teach us how to reorient ourselves and improve our lives.

Rejection hurts unless you have the confidence of steel. If you’re like most individuals, your mind will find a way to make it about you — or at the very least, will question if it may be about you. You’ve probably heard the phrase that nothing is personal, but not taking rejection personally is a skill that takes practice.

Was your reason really about them, or about you? Was it because you didn’t find what you were looking for in that other individual, or was there something wrong with them? People frequently take rejection personally and begin examining how they may have been a different person when this is not the case at all. It’s true that ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ Everyone who has been rejected has also at one time rejected someone else. Rejection will ultimately lead you to the place you were meant to be.

“Rejection is Never Personal and Final until you make it.”

This book perfectly describes the redirection of thought, this shift in mindset prepares you to look at the world before you for the opportunity it offers, with gratitude and acceptance in your heart, equips you to look for various opportunities the world offers.

This is a Journey of 19 Authors Amandeep Thind, Pooja Gupta, Stephanie Benjamin, Anshu Tiwary, Parikshit Khanna, Rixim Bhanot, Diana Ashem, Mizjaq J Green, Shikha Chakravarty, Siva Semsetti, Meenakshi Shrivastava, Rachna Joshi, Vaishali Pandya, H.P. Sahu, Dr Chitra Sen, Marilena Albu, Pankaj Shukla, Sangeeta Dewan, Mahendriran Periyasamy who have faced several rejections in their life and how they overcame that beautifully.

Any rejection is not really of our real, spiritual self-hood but of the whole mistaken belief that we are limited, egotistical, fragile mortals. Rejection, in fact, is an opportunity to redirect our focus towards betterment and reality.

Any time we’re faced with rejection we can quickly see this not as a rejection of our real, spiritual selfhood but of the whole mistaken belief that we are limited, egotistical, fragile mortals.

We can interpret the rejection correctly as an opportunity to redirect our focus to betterment and reality. Use rejection as motivation to get better at what you do. Think of rejection as getting out of your comfort zone and magic happens.

Read “Rejection to Redirection” and feel the change in mindset. A redirection to something bigger, better, or simply more right for you.

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