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There is a well-known proverb that “The business of any business is to do business”, and the main motto of any organisation is “profit maximisation”.

In recent years the manufacturing and assembling industry in India has seen its progress at its level best.

Unfortunately, on account of the pandemic of Corona, this industry, along with other sectors, have seen some unwanted negative growth. There is a lot of uncertainty amongst business tycoons. Still, hope has its validity.

Even then, the layout of finished goods, especially electronic appliances sold in India during previous years, are pretty stunning, and demand is growing among prosperous Indians customers.

India is one of the top markets for electronic goods, which is eventually increasing at a healthy pace, and the demand for branded electronic and electrical home appliances led by Bihar based start-up named “SKYEVISION” operating from Noida and Patna along with Bangalore is “WEE” which is a subsidiary brand and products extension of “UTESH TECHNOLOGIES LLP”.

On tracing back the steps of UTESHTECHNOLOGIES having a website  and e-commerce website  with application name “bookyourproduct,” one fact is quite evident that it is the jack of diverse trades. 

Skyevision believes and follows the theory that you will have to invent it if you have to predict your future. 

After laying down a strong foundation in website development, designing, trading and being a legal adviser, it is now empowering the market of manufacturing and assembling of electrical, electronics, home appliances and security surveillance items along with its Marketing & Distribution. The business should go as usual.

In this organisation, the core team comprises highly skilled & experienced professionals from diversified fields and industries having a work experience of 10+ odd years.

The USP of this very brand lies in the quality and after-sale service of the products. Its price is quite competitive and shares its margin with its customers.

The company’s founder and MD, MR. UTSAV ANAND takes pride in proclaiming that they are the manufacturer and producer of major household electronic appliances ranging from CCTV CAMERAS to LED BULB to TUBE LIGHTS along with premium segment models. UTSAV ANAND says that we believe in the proverb that the journey of a thousand miles or long run starts with its first step.

These products are currently manufactured and assembled at the Noida facility along with the Patna facility.

The technical perspective of this business house is dealt with from the Bangalore office.

It was dedicated to the exceptional art of manufacturing one of the finest quality CCTV cameras having components of Indian origin. In a nutshell, it may be stated that the products are made in India.

India, without a doubt, remains a very strategic market. Urbanisation of Tier II and Tier III cities and the digital revolution is accelerating taste too rich all nooks and corners of the country.

Skyevision is set to launch its complete range of electronic and electrical items in every district of Bihar and North India in the forthcoming months through its franchise model with exciting opportunities for dedicated business person to start their journey.

With their franchise model, the franchisee will have access to extensive product variety, with a solid backing of their expertise with providing training, promotional, and marketing support to conduct and run a business successfully.

SKYEVISION, the brand under the umbrella of UTESH TECHNOLOGIES LLP, will focus on enhancing its customer base from thousands to millions and so on in forthcoming odd years. We are also focusing on launching a news portal website and YouTube channel in a couple of months to penetrate the media industry.

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