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Social Keeeda Founder Ishan Anand Tells Us About How The Pandemic Affected The Digital Marketing Scene



The world is finally returning to normalcy. India is now in the second phase of vaccination against novel coronavirus, and Bollywood is up with a full-scale theatrical release. All of this has taken a year to happen.

But while some of these things do appear normal now, something in us has changed for sure. The pandemic has affected our being, and an impact of the same can be seen in the marketing space, especially digital marketing.

We sat down with Ishan Anand to talk about these changes recently. Ishan is the founder of Social Keeeda, one of the brightest stars of the digital marketing space, and is the go-to guy for many brands today. “The way we do business, how we market our products and services has been fundamentally changed – possibly forever,” says the 29-year-old. “But don’t mistake it for a change in our goals. It remains the same: to generate brand awareness, increase leads, create customer affinity, and ultimately grow and scale our businesses,” he adds.

Ishan founded Social Keeeda in 2018 and had pioneered graphic designer at the beginning of his career. Many attribute his experience as a designer to his attention to detail. Talking further about what changes he anticipates, Ishan says that SEO and Paid Search are seeing the most significant change these days. He adds, “The reliance on home delivery is more than ever, and that takes people to do searches. Ranking your product and services play a huge role in driving business. We receive the most number of campaigns for the same, as ranking better can result in the easier conversion of business now.”

Ishan further adds that brands need to work on their messaging too. “Since people have more time now, highlighting the right feature is the key. Repeated messaging talking about the same has the potential to make a permanent place in the heart of your consumers,” asserts Ishan. His belonging to a Tier 2 City like Chandigarh helps him understand the young and aspirational India. He sees tremendous potential in social media today. “Social media presence was needed in the last decade too. But platforms have advanced to a great extent now and are more brand-friendly. If a brand is failing to capitalize it today, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Even small businesses can benefit from it,” he says.

Asked about which medium he thinks will rule the following year, Ishan points it to video marketing. “The consumption of video content has shot up like never and innovative marketing model, ie. Moment Marketing. This emphasizes the push & pull factor to engage an audience in regards to brand products & services. The idea is to raise the strategic campaign to enhance the experience uniquely. It is easy to connect across the globe with recent trends, which deliver your message like a buzz. This not only brings notice to identify new brands but also builds leading brands, hence creating sustainable development in different platforms & that’s where the future is,” thinks Ishan.

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