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Subrajit Paul – A small town boy became a successful digital marketer and made 1 Million INR in 5Months.



The most powerful thing in this world is knowledge, and one can achieve everything if one has curiosity in learning. And this curiosity made him a successful Digital Entrepreneur.

Subrajit Paul is a 21 years old young digital Entrepreneur who became Millionaire at 20. In the last year, when most people were struggling to survive, he started his digital business, scaled to the next level, and made 1Million INR.

Subrajit Paul belongs to a very average middle-class family from a village in Assam. People there use the internet, but no one could even believe in starting a business in the digital space. Being the last year Student of Mathematics with zero knowledge about Entrepreneurship, he started his journey with some of his friends in the offline area in mid-2019. But things didn’t go as expected, and he shut down his first business after 10 Months.

Back in July 2020, he came across Affiliate Marketing while scrolling Instagram. Found fascinating, and since he was ready to explore new things, he started his digital journey. Affiliate Marketing is a billion-dollar industry, and as of now, it’s worth 12 Billion dollars. About 48.36% of affiliate marketers earn 15 Lakhs per year, and Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You might have heard about affiliate marketing somewhere or the other, and the same goes for everyone. But the fact is most people keep on thinking and don’t take any action, but this was not the case with Subrajit. He took action and started working his ass off.

In the initial days, he focused more on learning the basics and gaining experience, and in the first seven months, he made 1lakh rupees of profit. But the next 5 months was a game-changer. He made 1 Million INR in the next 5 months and became one of the top affiliate marketers in his organization. Among 80,000+ Affiliates, he was very few of them who got invited to an event of his organization in Gurgaon for an international trip of his company.

Being a middle-class boy of a small town like Silchar, Assam, it’s very different to grow. And just like him, many people have the same difficulties. Some because of lack of opportunities, and some may be due to insecurities, what society will say if you follow an unorthodox career path. But you need to be aware of the new changing world where new opportunities are coming up every day. All thanks to the internet.

There are two types of people in this world. Successful people and unsuccessful people. Subrajit Paul chose to become a successful person and worked his ass off. Because experiencing life’s first flight flying above the clouds or typing in a dream MacBook Pro feels so good and nobody gives fuck to unsuccessful people.

Today he has gained a good following on Instagram and has trained more than 28,000 affiliates in his business. Many of his students earn 5-6 figures every month, but he is not stopping here. His next mission is to transform 1 Lakh lives, give them the opportunity, train them, and help them live their dream lives. You can follow him on Instagram to get his latest updates.

Reminder: There are two types of people in this world. Successful people and unsuccessful people, and now you choose which one you want to be. Instagram link –

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