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The Business Of Young Entrepreneur, Explained.



Skin care has become an essential part of our daily lives. Every individual wants perfect skin, perfect hair and glowing radiant skin. Our skin needs healing from combination ingredients that are organic and unique. SkinOriginals is one of the first brands we think of when we hear ‘luxury skincare’. The sea has been an endless inspiration for SkinOriginals ingredients and the ingredients contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. The products not only feel ultra-soothing for the skin, there are few product lines that smell more divine. SkinOriginals eliminated every toxin present in our daily skincare regime. Let’s talk about how the journey began for SkinOriginals.

The Founder of SkinOriginals Mr. Rishabh Mahajan, who is a professional Pharmacist, where he started research on product management. He identified organic compounds with highest efficacy, which do not compromise our skincare regime. His journey started with a job in Delhi as a Sales Manager, where he worked in a healthcare tech venture. He was in direct business with the senior doctors and patients, which helped him to understand the needs of the customer. However, he returned back to his hometown, Chandigarh. He always had enthusiasm to bring a change and do something new. He worked as a business solution consultant for a US patent law attorney, which gave him experience in research and innovations. He left another job in the search of something new. Rishabh has an extraordinary personality with a kind and humble nature, but always looking for some kind of innovation, which can affect the lives of people on a daily basis. He eventually started a job in a healthcare company in 2019 as a medical scribe, where he was working closely with an American Doctor.

It’s 2020, the period of COVID-19. That year was devastating for all of us. Be that as it may, the effect of the pandemic and its outcomes are felt diversely relying upon our status as people and as citizenry. While some attempt to adjust to working on the internet, self-teaching their youngsters.

Mr. Rishabh Mahajan was the person during that time, who had a care in his mind for poors, daily wagers, who were not able to earn even a single meal for their family. The credit goes to all his friends with whom he started an initiative called Zarurat, in which they went to hundreds of families and distributed groceries by their own hands for months. It clearly defines how he cares for every person and keeps humanity alive. He has established the belief of a constant learning process in which he continuously keeps engaging with experts to gather knowledge, which helps him to grow. He single-handedly started his company and now he handles a complete team.

His schedule includes 16-17 hours of work daily. There were no weekends or holidays for him when he initially started working on his project. Rishabh never plans for the upcoming weekend, though he has a vision for another 3 generations.

Let’s talk about how SkinOriginals was founded.

During the period of Covid-19 Pandemic, we all were at home and trying to get our lives stable, creating happiness. Some of us were fond of cooking and some were really conscious about their skin care. Mr. Rishabh Mahajan is always looking for the need and innovation. He went into skin care research with some renowned experts, who were already into this business from a very long time. Their experience and Rishabh’s innovative mind, originated “ SkinOriginals “. However, he is the director of Primedose Pharmacy Private Limited, which is also the parent company of SkinOriginals. SkinOriginals is backed up by European skin care methodology. He has the most advanced team of laboratory technicians and skin care researchers, who are well qualified and trained in constant development and refinement of the products.

According to Mr. Rishabh Mahajan at SkinOriginals, each skincare item is sponsored by the top-most dermatologist and skin master based methodology for normal skincare. In SkinOriginals you’ll discover the Luxury in the variety. They did preliminaries ordinarily to guarantee that our skincare items are helpful for yourself and work wonderfully. When it comes to efficacious, results-driven skincare, sometimes price does matter. So they have gathered together probably the best extravagance skincare items worth putting resources into that guarantee to make your skin similarly as excellent as the items look on your rack.

So, here is the story of a young entrepreneur who has a mindset to achieve and succeed no matter what the conditions are. He himself promotes working on the development and enhancing the credibility of the skin care industry. Providing an opportunity to be a part of the skin care industry and a developing nation.


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