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TIZOLA is India’s first ISO certified Franchisee model food delivery app.



By this Tizola, we introduced the Daily settlement Reverse module commission. It is a big revolution in the Food Delivery app market. Tizola was started in Feb 2021. In the last six months, we delivered 18000 + deliveries successfully. Tizola legal entity is a Limited Liability Partnership. Tizola Recognized by Govt of India under STARTUP INDIA and MSME schemes.

awards we got :

India’s Most promising food-related companies 2021 award

Best emerging food delivery app in Andhra Pradesh& Telangana Award

Dynamic start-up of India 2121 award

Best franchisee start-up of the year award.

Suresh Balusu, the Founder & CEO of Tizola, has 9 years of experience in the Media, NGO, & Banking sectors. And also operated his restaurant in his 

home town. 

The main motto of TIZOLA is no BOSS concept. Everyone should work together & should be a BOSS of the own self but ultimately should work for the progress of the company TIZOLA. 

From college days onwards I always wanted to be an entrepreneur so that I can give jobs to ‘n’ no. of persons (it’s like me including with group of people growing together & I can be a part of creating Employment opportunities in India ) & at the same time I know that starting a business is a process that requires an enormous amount of thought, careful examination & most importantly money. Due to our financial struggles after my graduation, I used to do few jobs & even did farming too. But I couldn’t continue for such a long time as my passion is to start a business. From planning to executing a trade, I faced a lot of struggle. Then I thought no young entrepreneur should face the same problem & that’s the reason behind starting our franchise model. 

 It’s been quite tricky as Entrepreneurship is not an easy task nowadays & faces a lot of struggle. But I never lost hope & has overcome each & every situation with teamwork. When I launched the Tizola after a few months government declared lockdown. Before started the Tizola, I started the restaurant to get real-time experience. And also visited 80+ cities in both states for an idea of market strategy and business growth.

 It has become challenging for most start-up businesses to keep their financial wheels turning during the lockdown period due to less revenue churn. So, during these challenging times, our strong vision, determination, customer reviews & our team members never give up attitude. Played a significant role to keep up with the same spirit. Instead of worrying, we concentrated on developing new app features, new business models for our business.

All of my thoughts were shared with my friend CHANDAMAMA, she gave enormous support and encouraged me a lot & she is the only person who guided me to start Tizola. Personally, when I am low, I talk to CHANDAMAMA it’s like a therapy & a recharge drink for me when I speak to her as she always supports& motivates immensely. She is a good teacher and mentor. 

In that pandemic lockdown situation, we started CHANDAMAMA FOUNDATION for serving corona affected people. We delivered 4200+ free healthy meals to corona patients who are not financially stable. And also, we arranged oxygen concentrators, cylinders in rural areas, along medicine free of cost. And also, we prepared a plan to start CHANDAMAMA FOOD DONATION CENTERS in Tizola operated cities. Now this project is in executing stage. We will begin in few days.

 Well, we have already started the Tizola franchisee model in the rural market. It’s an easy way to start a business with very little investment based on the city. We also provide all branding, publicity, marketing material with the promotional kit to franchisers. So that they can easily create a social impact in the market within few days, finally, completely digital and social media marketing will be provided by the company side. I can credit my complete Tizola’s success to my CHANDAMAMA & as well as my superbly talented team members with teamwork.

For starting my business, I got inspired by Ramoji Rao Garu, Chairmen of ramoji group & Tippineni Ramadasappa Naidu, Chairmen of Mudra agricultural society. But after starting the company, I think what inspires me the most are our customers. 

Me, including my team members, expressly set aside time to read customer reviews, suggestions & also I get a lot of value from the things that we can improve on. I read those comments & get inspired to do things better, change things & develop features based on that feedback. That inspires me every day.

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