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What is SetMyWed, and how it started?



Setmywed is India’s most loved wedding planning portal envisioned by a young man Mr Arun Yadav in early June 2019. It came to him as an idea to make the bride and groom’s life easy and hassle-free in the most beautiful and memorable event that should be cherished throughout their life.

Setmywed was founded to help people plan their wedding in the easiest and simplest way possible by offering them 18 plus services, including wedding/pre-wedding photography, makeup artists, wedding planners, decorators, and much more available in all budgets and at all locations in Pan India.

How SetMyWed help brides and wedding families:

SetMyWed provides Bride and their families with so many options according to their choices and budget so that they can find their desired wedding service providers. SetMyWed makes sure that bride and their families find their vendors according to their budget and preferred location. Setmywed played an important role in planning all the wedding events. A special relationship manager is provided to the individual in order to guide them through each and every step and are presented with various profiles of the vendors to help them choose according to their likings and then coordinate with them, all from the comfort of their home.

Setmywed has also helped people understand and realize that only having limited yet close loved ones can be a good thing at their wedding.

How SetMyWed helps wedding vendors:

Setmywed was founded to help wedding vendors to boost their business by increasing their visibility across Pan India. Wedding vendors like photographers, makeup artists, wedding planners, mehndi artists etc., can register with SetMyWed and boost their visibility across the web like social media promotions through Google websites and everything. SetMyWed is committed to helping vendors to get more and more business.

Setmywed came to life with the dream of CEO Arun Yadav, who always thought to make every wedding planning work a piece of cake. He always imagined himself to start his passion and turn it into something beautiful yet professional to not only provide the individuals and their families a great wedding experience but also to provide employment to young people looking for an opportunity to express their art and creative mind with a hunger to grow in this field.

How SetMyWed is shaping the entire wedding industry:

If you are getting married and you want to book some wedding vendors, you can just go to our website, or you can also download our app from the Play Store. Just put in your information like the date, the budget, and the location. SetMyWed AI will help you find the best wedding vendor according to your needs.

This is how SetMyWed is making everything easy for the wedding families. You can check out all the things related to the wedding, book the vendor’s latest ideas and trends at just your fingerprints and sit at your home.

For the Latest Trends and ideas, you can visit the SetMyWed blog section, or you can follow SetMyWed on Instagram, where we have 1.5 lakh followers.

SetMyWed is committed to providing you with the best wedding services ever so you can enjoy your day and let off your worries to the team of professionals.

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