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Why Germany is best for Masters?



Germany is a paradise when it comes to higher studies . The country has always been a land of ideas  owing to its association with some of the most impressive thinkers and philosophers in world’s history. From Albert Einstein to Immanuel Kant to Werner Heisenberg, Germany has established its position as an intellectual powerhouse.

Educational institutions in Germany enjoy an excellent reputation owing to their high standard of education along with ample training and research opportunities. Every year thousands of scholars from across the globe apply to German universities for higher study programs in diverse fields.

Scholars who come from across the world to study in Germany benefit immensely from the centuries of expertise and prestige accumulated at some of its  world’s oldest universities.

Germany has almost 500 universities which offer more than 20,000 degree courses. Now that’s what you call as being spoilt for choice.

 There are basically four types of German Universities –

  • Research Universities or  Universität  – Engaged in carrying out original research work in various subjects. They offer Masters and PhD degrees in a wide range of subjects.
  • Technical Universities or Technische Universität  – Specialize in technical programs in the fields of science , technology and engineering mostly.
  • College of Art Film and Music –  Ideal for scholars looking for practical instruction programs in creative fields as art, music or film making. To seek admission, candidates need to demonstrate relevant creative skills and possess the desired experience.
  • Universities of Applied Science or (Fachhochschulen) – These universities focus on subjects including social science, business and engineering. They partner with various professional and commercial organizations offering practical training and broadening the horizon for job opportunities.

The postgraduate education in Germany follows the common European format as per the

Bologna Process. German Masters degree is a second cycle qualification. This means that you can take up the masters degree after you have already completed the first cycle that is the Bachelors degree. And German Masters degree program will prepare you for the third cycle which is the PhD.

Why do scholars worldwide choose Germany as their study destination when it comes to Masters and other higher studies ?

Here is a look at some of the major reasons that make Germany the best place to study.

Strong economy backing the higher education system –

With Germany’s strong economy backing the higher education system, the country has managed to rise to the top and is one of Europe’s best postgraduate or master’s study destination. Germany has more top class universities across the world than any other country except UK and USA. The German degrees and globally valued and recognized.

A great history of Innovation – Germany is a hub when it comes to enlightenment as well as Industrial Revolution. This in turn has translated into successful German developments in diverse fields as  science, engineering, technology, arts and philosophy.

Germany behind the invention of modern universities –  Much before the rest of the world, German brains like Wilhelm von Humboldt laid the foundation of modern research universities. This was way back in 19th century itself. The German universities have ever since been known for their academic freedom and integrity.

Spoilt for Choice –Germany has 300 Public and 120 Private Universities that offer properly accredited programs in diverse fields from science, engineering and technology to arts, social sciences and more.The Public Universities receive state funding and are estimated to impart teaching to almost 95 percent of students. While the Public Universities charge a very low or zero tuition fee, the Private universities do not receive any state funding and can set their own tuition fee.

Affordable Education with Low or No Tuition Fees-

Germany is known for its generous attitude towards higher education. Public Universities in 15 out of 16 states in Germany do not charge any Tuition Fee from students, regardless of their country of origin and nationality. This too comes across as a big factor why scholars from across the world opt for Germany when it comes to pursuing higher studies.

Large number of Courses in English –

Germany is also a popular choice among students due to the fact that German universities offer a large number of courses in English. Also by the time you complete your masters in Germany, you would have developed strong German language skills as well. This will help you greatly in future as you venture in this increasingly globalized business world.

International Environment and Diverse Culture –  More than 13 % of students come from various international locations to Germany for pursuing their master’s degree courses. This offers students exposure to a culturally diverse environment and prepares them for the future in this global world in a better way.

Cost of Living – The living costs in Germany are much lower as compared to other European countries which adds to the list of making it a popular choice for international scholars.

Enhanced avenues for Further Studies – With a German Masters degree in your hand, you have an excellent platform for your post graduate study at the PhD level. Germany honors and values its scholars and you will most likely be welcomed to stay back and take up another course there itself. All you need to do is get your Visa or Residence Permit renewed as per the guidelines.

Scholars during their Masters often make excellent connections with professors and researchers and these lead naturally to the PhD projects in their desired subject area, often even in the same campus.

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