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Suman Kumar – A Passion Can Make You Fly



Shannon Miller has rightfully said , “Just because your life changes, doesn’t mean that your deepest passions have to.” and the life of Suman Kumari makes one truly feel as this being the ultimate truth.

Suman Kumari was born near Jhajjar district of Haryana. Her father is a retd. air force officer. Her high school education was completed in KV, Jodhpur after which she shifted to Delhi to pursue B.Sc Mathematics (Honours) from Motilal Nehru College. Further , she pursued B.Ed from Indraprastha University. After completing this degree, she started with her professional career as a teacher and at the same time, also pursued M.Sc in Mathematics.

As it  is clear from her educational background, Suman Kumari is clearly a hustler, always aiming for the best and never settling for anything less than perfection. Despite coming from a conservative family, she has lived a dynamic life. Being a multitasking person and someone who has a variety of talents, she has multiple hobbies like outdoor activities, painting and so on. However, one of her hobbies developed into a passion over the time, this was the art of writing.

Because of the defence background of her family, she kept travelling throughout her childhood and hence lived in so many cities . When a person’s outer life and environment is changing, they are compelled to find something within themselves to keep them sane. This is what led to her passion for writing . Suman feels that whenever we fail to speak out something because of overpowering emotions, writing is the best way to let it out. It is the purest, most beautiful form of expression.

The passion for writing started when she was young, still in school. Being appreciated by her teachers and peers for her skills , she pursued it further and in college, some of her works were published. This motivated her to continue her passion for writing .Simultaneously, she was building her educational background and her career as an academician , but despite all of this, she could not leave writing as it was the best way of putting to words the emotions that she went through.

Life would be bleak without feelings such as joy and sadness, excitement and disappointment, love and fear, hope and terror. Suman feels that each and every human that we come across is bound up in a whirlpool of emotions. These feelings are generally influenced by the relationships we share with people, be it with parents, siblings, friends, or lover . When we have to let someone go, someone who are close to our heart, their influence on our emotions remains with us along with their memories . Her book, “तू साथ है” puts into words these unresolved emotions. We are a mosaic of all the people we have ever loved; they leave an imprint on our hearts and our minds, one that can never be fully erased. So, instead of living in denial about these feelings, this book teaches us to truly embrace them.

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