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10 Super Growth Hack Tools for Every Content Creator | by Prasad Karwa



In the last few years, the digital industry has shaped stunningly. From advertising-driven marketing to influencer marketing is the journey. Every brand is looking for intelligent content creators today who have decent followings and can influence people to buy or subscribe to their product. 

Following the trend and seeing the super surge in the content creators, even platforms are stepping up and giving more opportunities to creators to earn more through subscription models like YouTube Membership or support models like Facebook Stars. Many other platforms are stepping up in incentivizing content creators in the coming future. 

“The Content Creation industry will rule this decade….”

Being a content creator myself, I have struggled a lot and did all sorts of experiments on my profiles and then finally done a module that can help new content creators in their journey. Here are 10 Super Growth Hack tools for every content creator. Make sure to check till the last. Few of the tools are insanely amazing:

  • Canva undoubtedly, a lot of us are familiar with this easy and fantastic tool for designing. But wait, it’s not just creating anymore. Canva recently came up with video editing tools and video presentations features as well. Do check them out.
  • Reverse Dictionary

It is one of my favorite websites. This tool analyses the keyword and suggests all other keywords used along with that keyword more frequently. How cool is that?


There’s no better website than this. Free to use, this website will help you find the perfect movie or web-series clip with the sentence which we desired. Just go and search for the correction and get tons of options of video clips from different films and series to download. You can stitch them together as well—best for content creators who are into meme-making as well.

  • Portent’s Idea Generator

Short of cool and exciting ideas? Just put your niche keyword and get crazy unlimited ideas. Not just ideas – but fantastic and clickbait titles as well.

  • Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Are you making excellent content but don’t have the skill to write click-worthy titles? Try this tool. This tool will tell you how engaging your title is. It will give the marks out of 100 for your tags and suggest what edits you can do.

E.g., Student Should Do Meditation Everyday – is just 63/100 but,

Harry Potter used to do this ancient technique every day as a student – it is 72/100, which is above average and more attractive.

  • Answer The Public

Many people find google trends so confusing and not so helpful in getting content ideas which people are searching & using google ads’ keyword research tool is too complicated. Use “Answer The Public” and get so many exciting searches queries related to your keyword within a click. This is my personal favorite for content research.

  • Fake Detail

Don’t use this to create fake details. But use this to create a nice content bucket. Create customized tweets, WhatsApp chats, Twitter chats through this tool. 


Every good content creator needs to plan the content, strategize the content, and have a directory to store some fantastic ideas. The notion is the perfect tool for the individual and even teams to work. You can use it as a productivity enhancer too. It is handy with many easy-to-use templates.

  • WordTune

I can say for sure that this tool will change your content into a masterpiece. What does it do? You put a sentence in it, and it will give few variations for that exact sentence in which you can write that: some polite, some direct, some simple to use, and some fancy. Use whatever you like. It does have a free chrome extension as well, which will help you in writing your copy posts or tweets as well.


Don’t have photoshop to remove the background? will make your job a lot simpler. Just upload an image, and it will remove the experience for you. 

Bonus Tool:

Link Tree – Don’t have a website to showcase multiple links on social media. Don’t worry. This handy tool will make your job a lot easier. 

I hope you would have got some fantastic insights from this article. If you loved any of these tools and learned something new today – share this article and tag me on @prasadkarwa (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Author Prasad Karwa is a founder of Happyfying Solutions, writes on & also conducts social media and digital marketing courses, & specializes in YouTube Optimisation. He is also being followed by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter.

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