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Nexsolx – India’s one of the top-notch digital marketing agency by Mayur Patidar, providing Digital marketing solutions under one roof



Needless to mention the onset of the Internet has given a new dimension to the concept of marketing. Today, digital marketing has redefined this concept of marketing, stressing making the right offer at the right time to the right audience. Today, digital marketing is the primary preference for businesses almost everywhere around the world. Since Internet has become part of modern man’s life and owing to the importance of digital marketing in today’s business, Mayur Patidar had established Nexsolx technologies, a digital marketing agency in Indore with the motive of providing extremely cost-effective digital marketing plans so that the business can reach an infinite number of customers.

Mayur Patidar, founder and managing director of Nexsolx technologies along with his partner Yash Mukti had incepted Nexsolx with the aim of enhancing the digital presence of the businesses with their out of the box solutions in the sphere of social media marketing, Graphic Designing, E-commerce website development, Website development, Branding, and Social Media influence. With a team of digital marketers and creative minds, Nexsolx stressed on innovations and marketing as they believe that it is no longer enough to satisfy the customers, one must delight them and their marketing campaigns are designed to make customers feel delighted.

The plethora of services provided by Nexsolx technologies include 

Social Media Marketing

Graphics Design

Web Development


Influencer Marketing


YouTube Masthead

SEO Services

Content Marketing

Artist Management

Branded Campaign Delivery

Leads Generation 

Claim to Fame – Nexsolx Technologies

  • Worked with Zee Music and BJP IT Cell Indore
  • Started with 10k turnover of Investments and now the company had cloaked a turnover of over 4.5L monthly.

Needless to say, the demand for Digital marketers is strong as it is the most in-demand digital marketing skill. Mayur and his team of Nexsolx Technologies know an integral part of marketing and the intricacies of organic search to get websites and Web Pages to rank well. They always listen to their client’s needs. Their Savvy clients know they need to win on the search results page and that’s where the SEO and Digital marketing experts of Nexsolx Technologies come into the play. They were always motivated by the challenging situation faced on difficult projects and this encouraged them to perform well with a lot of variety. They always remained determined and never let negativity play their role.

Nexsolx Technologies has always converted its project into success due to its dedicated Digital Marketing team which begins every digital marketing campaign with full enthusiasm and ends with success and it was only possible because of their enthusiastic, creative and innovative approach. Hence, they helped their client with superior customer experience along with an increase in the revenue for their company. Their point of difference lies in the fact that with affordability being the issue with most of the digital marketing services in India, they commit to serving their clients in an affordable price range. Now they are setting up their new office in Maheshwar (City located 80km from Indore)

Mayur says “To thrive in today’s market, businesses must continually evolve. When done successfully, the results can be seen and felt throughout the entire organization. Our life’s work connects people who share common beliefs. No matter the campaign, our team takes a data-driven and ROI-focused approach to helping you grow your business”

Existing firms can now use digital marketing services to broaden their horizons and reach a bigger client base or target specific customers based on their demands. This ever-expanding industry is now open to small and large organisations, as well as anyone who wants to grab an online audience. There’s no turning back once you dive into this world of possibilities and chances with Nexsolx technologies because Nexsolx has the power to help your brand achieve inconceivable and undiscovered levels of success and growth.

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