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7 Rules for Growth and Peaceful Life By Archana Jain.



To make a good dish, there are several ingredients involved to make it delicious. The same is the case with Archana Jain. She leads a charming life wearing several hats. The sky’s the limit for this multi-tasking personality. Her journey can be described as adventurous, leaving an impact on the financial world to, the Wellness Industry as well as the Glamour field. She is an investor, research analyst, speaker on women empowerment & financial planning, Founder of Mumbai-based Florian Spa-N-Salon, Founder of India Brainy Pageant Show, and Founder of Florian Foundation, besides being President of Maharashtra of NSPR India, President of Maharashtra of Naari Foundation and to finally being an author. Her Journey as Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Fashion Model, and Author is truly phenomenal. SHE Shares her experience and heart about basic rules to lead Peaceful and Successful life.

  1. Being kind does not mean being a doormat. Never allow other people’s behavior to determine who you are or how you choose to show up in the world.
  1. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives to the end, so when someone brings pain, suffering, and disrespect to your life, let them go. If you choose, you may wish them well from afar. If it’s not possible to let them go completely, make sure you limit your energy and time spent in their presence. Remember, you are worthy of respect. You matter. Your life matters. (Keep your distance from people who will never admit they are wrong and who always try to make you feel like everything’s your fault.)
  1. Acknowledging when someone or something is unhealthy for you is brave. It may not be that easy to simply walk away, so taking tiny steps towards your freedom involves a lot of courage. Be gentle and kind to yourself as you maneuver these changes. (Some relationships don’t work because people think it’s ok to ignore somebody when they’re mad instead of communicating)
  1. Follow your dreams. – Listen to the calling deep within your heart. You’re never too old, young, late, or early to live the life of your dreams. What you think you can seem too small to matter, but my loves, it matters greatly that you do it. In these times, you were made to step in, be brave, and live fully. (You’re never too old to create a new life or try something new)
  1. You’re not here to please others. You must be the cheerleader for your precious life.
  1. The journey that is being asked of you only has to make sense to you.
  1. Society never has the right to name who you are and what you came into this life to accomplish. Accept and love yourself completely. Trust your journey, and live with confidence, resilience, laughter, joy, and fun. Every day celebrate the person who looks back at you in the mirror. (You can’t force someone to see that you’re a blessing. You just gotta let them miss out.-source unknown)

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