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Who is Yatender Rao?

Mr. Yatender Rao, a committed representative of the youth of today, is the youth leader serving in BJP in south Haryana who in past has held important positions in the party such as State Vice President, State Executive Member and State Head of Study Circle Committee at BJYM (Youth Wing of BJP) Haryana.

Yatender Rao graduated from Amity University with a bachelor’s degree in technology and a master’s degree in business administration and later studied Law (LL.B & LLM) from MDU. Yatender would get involved in a variety of social activities and take initiatives for the betterment of the society while he was studying at the undergraduate level in 2003. He devoted himself entirely to humanitarian work and community development until 2009, when he joined the BJP and began his political activism.

He approaches everything he does for the state with altruism, since he desires to assist his community. Yatender envisions his homeland Haryana in a more progressive and healthier state.

Yatender’s contributions to the country’s well-being

Coming from a family where every member, from his grandfather to his parents, received higher education in various fields and dedicated their lives to the service of the nation and society, he aspires to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers and claims that his family’s history of social activism has influenced him to use his platform to help the underprivileged and those in need of basic rights.

Our esteemed Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji also inspires Yatender. He was inspired to join youth politics while still a university student by the diligence and honesty of our leaders of yesterday and now. He is convinced that today’s youth have the potential to make significant changes in society in a variety of ways. This is one of the key reasons for Yatender’s enthusiasm for social and academic education, because education may help our state improve.

Yatender is looking forward to making a significant difference in society by uplifting the needy and advancing the community. His organization is dedicated to improving society in the areas of education, employment, healthcare, gender equality, and the elimination of systemic prejudice.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization worked to provide free food and dry rations to those in need, as well as masks and sanitizers, free medical kits, oxygen cans/cylinders, and ambulances. Yatender Rao received an appreciation letter from the Chief Minister of Haryana, the Red Cross, and the administration for his efforts.

A step towards betterment – launching NGO

Jaihind Jansewa Foundation NGO is founded and led by Yatender Rao. The NGO’s mission is to improve healthcare and deliver education and employment opportunities to those who lacked adequate resources and higher education, with the goal of reducing economic inequities.

The NGO is working on many social reforms in the fields of public health, women empowerment, education, and environmental conservation throughout south Haryana. The NGO began this project in the presence of thousands of people at Ateli Mandi, and now has more than 2000 young people on board as active members of the team. The NGO also increases awareness of government-sponsored special programs for undereducated people.

Yatender Rao has undoubtedly received a lot of praise for his wonderful efforts, but his motivation is clear: to selflessly serve the society. He believes in giving back to society because he values his people and believes in the future because of his commitment to the community and organization.

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