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“Diversified female entrepreneur shares inspiring story of overcoming challenges and achieving success.”



Mrs. Paramita Chowdhury is an adept edu-entrepreneur, having 15 years of experience in her field of specialization. She is the founder and director of her educational consultancy, Study Home. Today, she is an empowered woman who not only manages to strike a balance between work and family but also works for the betterment of society. Her career is the ultimate goal many aspire to accomplish.

The starting point of this well-known educational consultancy is quite intriguing, as Mrs. Paramita Chowdhury was initially employed as a school teacher but had to quit her job as she had become pregnant and was unable to stabilize both her job and motherhood at once due to medical intricacies. But it was not successful in stopping her from creating wonders; rather, it was just the beginning. After delivering her son, she began working as a home tutor and started with only one student; that was the onset of her business, “Study Home.” During the lockdown period, there was a pause in her business because back then it rendered only offline services, but with her determination, she was successful in combating the situation—with the assistance of her software management team, she could launch her business on the online platform ( ). At present, more than 25,000 teachers are enrolled in Study Home, and it has been successful in serving over 5,000 parents and students with its reliable service. As a proficient individual, she goes the extra mile and strives to provide home tutors for students following their parents’ requirements for client satisfaction. Study Home operates offline in all places across Kolkata and Howrah;, not only that, but it has also been thriving well across cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and even places abroad like London, Canada, etc. Her office address isSarkar-Lane,700007, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

What she always believes in is “diversification and versatility” as a human being, so while keeping up with Study Home, she went ahead with her second venture, “The Silver Spoon Event: catering and more,” which like the first was entirely born out of her ambition. Their main motto as a benevolent business is to deliver uncompromised and finest quality food at a justified rate to its customers, as they strongly believe in the quote that says “the way to a human’s heart is through the stomach.” Thus, they wholeheartedly operate to plan events, organize catering, and arrange decoration as per the requirements of the clients.

Recently, in the year 2021, she has come up with another attempt in the post-lockdown period named “Angel House,” a paying guest house for ladies, which is quite beneficial for women who lack a secure and cozy roof.

She is a completely family-oriented individual whose biggest motivation to move a step forward each day is nothing but her encouraging and reassuring family and her beloved son. Born to a public employee father and a homemaker mother, Mrs. Paramita Chowdhury is also the mother of a pre-adolescent, and even though in the initial phase of motherhood she sensed a feeling of incapability to strike a balance between work and family, with the years, like other happenings, she has mastered this art too. She religiously spends time with her son, plays on the roof or in the garden, plays cricket, practices plantation activities, and teaches him to spend quality time with the underprivileged and moral life values on how to be the best version of oneself. There was a time when she had been rejected from a particular job, so she was highly discouraged, but to her amazement, her little son turned out to be the best mentor for her and encouraged her to work more on herself, which actually helped in the long run.

Her purpose in life is more than making money… As per her, “Charity is not for others; it is for my own mental peace,” so in the middle of her busy schedule, she spends time with the underprivileged, shares with them their necessities, and also imparts education to them a regular basis. To be the woman she envisioned years ago, she had constantly put in unimaginable hard work and sincerity, but she discovered that “the only way I can help myself is by rendering help to the needy.” This is what motivated her to go so far. Her only aim in life is to do something for her compatriot, and for this reason she has donated her body to an organization called Organ India so that after her death, her body could be used by the upcoming doctors in the country for study purposes, which will fulfill her desire to be alive after her demise: “I want to be remembered through my works even after my death.” Her long-term goals include assisting an increasing number of people in earning a living. She believes in charity and helping the needy; she wishes to employ more people so that everyone, including those who are now dependent, can become self-reliant and empowered just like her!

She also mentioned one striking phrase that says, “Sincerity and dedication are qualities that are quite expensive, and not everyone can have them, but I do.” Thus, determination, commitment, integrity, and generosity are her métier.

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