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As a child, I never thought that I would ever be an entrepreneur. Being an Introvert and shy, I was always reluctant to talk to strangers. But for some reason I was always very different from the children of my age. Needless to mention 2020 hit us all hard, and everything became so uncertain. 2020 has been a year of transformation for all of us. And I think this year has transformed me completely.

Wherever you go through dark and shady times in your life…Life gives you two major choices: either you become a victim, or you become stronger and fight through the darkness.

I would conclude by saying that we all go through different phases of life, and it’s us who decides who we want to become… a victim or a fighter…

So before I started this journey..
I was fighting with low confidence and indecisiveness.
Those who were with me during this journey know how exactly this happened!

I am so grateful that I found myself back with an replaceable and empowered version of myself with tarot! .

So, I decided to come up with @thetarotway_official so that I can be that catalyst through which I bring out the best in you!!

My only purpose with this page is to empower you! Help you solve unsolved puzzles of your life and clearing your uncertainties!!

Hence, I am here to help anyone and everyone who need it. You should be really very open to ask for it and accept it!

I have done many meaningful Tarot sessions for many famous Bloggers, Influencers and TV actors, MUA & Fashion Designers. To name few famous Nidhi Uttam, Vishal Kotian (Big Boss contestabt)& Rose( famous faces of Akbar Birbal)  Nyra Baneree, Priya Ahuja & Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal (Rita reported & Roshan Sodhi well know faces of Tarak Mehta k Ulta Chasma), Tasneem Sheikh, Naveli Deshmukh(Ms Diva 2015), Rahul Lakhanpal (Singer) and the list is long 😊

When the lockdown rolled in I started my insta page in September which has now gained around 10K+ followers. I am a certified tarot card reader and a healer. My company, Thetarotway_official provides tarot card readings, oracle reading, spells to manifest, workshops, crystals, healing candles & bath salts Infused with manifestation and powerful energies. I have also introduced my own Affirmation deck “Be your own guide”, which can be used by a non-tarot card reader as well and it will uplift the confidence and motivation of the user and will keep them positive.

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I always believed since childhood, “FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT”.



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