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 “Interior Design Bible: Must-Read for Every Student” 



One of the biggest gaps in our education system is that it has very limited opportunities to hone the entrepreneurial skills of an individual. As a result an individual can be a great Doctor, Architect or Designer but have absolutely no idea on how to start a venture and run it successfully. Most education systems never focus on the importance of learning ‘invention, marketing, sales, finance’ while each of them forms the foundation of starting a venture. 

The digital era is encouraging more people to move towards having independent ventures, self-owned. And here is where most people face a huge challenge. Many Architects, Designers launch their independent firms. Only to realize after a year, that running a business requires a different skillset than building or designing a space. Often they end up in a financial mess, having invested heavily on infrastructures, salaries, and setting up. 

A beautifully designed website cannot get you business, sales. An impressive office cannot promise client conversion. Neither can a prominent premium location of a studio guarantee all the year walk-in. There is a process to generate a regular influx of client queries, leads, sales and draw conversions. Something that is taught in none of the institutes, ever. 

So if you are an intelligent student with a vision, who knows he/she is going to start an independent venture post earning their degree, here is a book that holds the Key to the Ultimate Success SECRET. 

New Age Branding For Architects & Designers by Vineet Suri. This book covers every little detail a student of interior designing ever needs to know about running his/her own business by marketing it successfully. 

Vineet Suri, is a successful serial entrepreneur who has transformed the experience of living spaces for over 25000+ families all over India, via Wallart Pvt Ltd, Unico Surfaces & Kingdom of Wallpapers. 

In 2020, when the world was hit by the pandemic, major businesses suffered. Not Vineet, as he had implemented strategies learnt from some of the best business coaches in the world long before the pandemic hit, his business picked up in no time. 

But since his business involves regular interactions with Architects and Designers, he could see that most of them were finding it challenging to get back into business. One year had passed by, the way the world functioned had changed, almost everything went online. 

It is then that Vineet decided to create a platform for the community of Architects and Designers, ‘Talk of the Town’ on youtube to help their work get visibility and connect them with their market. 

In just two years, the channel has helped over two dozen architects and designers generate over hundreds of leads. 

While it was a meaningful accomplishment, Vineet knew that this alone would not be enough. So he decided to compile his decade long experience in digital marketing and lead generation as a businessman in a book for anyone who is feeling stuck or seeking growth.

In his words, “Even if someone is exceptionally skilled and talented at their work, it does not guarantee a regular cash flow. Unfortunately most people are still struggling to understand the principles of business and branding, and our education system does not prepare one for the market.” 

He further adds “ Therefore I decided to come up with a book about business and branding both, specially curated for Architects and Designers since I understand this market the best (having spent over two decades in this industry). Most books are written only upon an entrepreneur’s journey, not his learnings. I made sure that in this book people find real solutions instead of philosophy.”

The book has been launched recently and has received a phenomenal reception with some major institutes considering making it part of their curriculum for the future batches.

Prof. Architect Apoorv Sethi shares his experience, “I would highly recommend this book to every University and Institute to include this book in their curriculum, for they need to ensure that the younger generation is much better prepared than we were, specially in the field of online branding. This book has tremendously helped me and I can already see results coming in.”  

While Interior Designer Arunima Shah shares how after reading the book and identifying the immense value it bears for every architect and designer she went back to the site and ordered three more to gift her brother and friends in a similar industry. She said, “I am going to keep this book with me forever, it is like a Designers Bible for Business & Branding, every (interior) designer should have a personal copy on them at all times”. 

If you wish to order it for yourself or for someone special who might benefit you can find it here

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