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Aasrin Hussain – The stirring story of an ink-stained heart



” “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell.”

Hi! I am Aasrin Hussain, a young writer and a vivid dreamer. I was born and brought up among paintings, palaces and museums, in the Indian city known for gold jewelleries, Doria sarees and limestone ; the city of Kota, Rajasthan. From my first steps ever to my first steps into the world of education and literature ; my journey began in the “Land of Kings”. I did my schooling and strove for higher education in this very place. Consequently, I earned my diploma in Mass Communication from Vardhman Mahaveer Open University, Kota, Rajasthan. Despite how proud I am of my degree, I consider myself more than just my academic achievements. I define myself, not by the things that earn me money, but by the things that earn me love and joy, and I, Aasrin, love to explore stories , tear them apart and weave them together again. Scrutinize them, embrace them, chop them into tiny pieces and appreciate each piece. I also take similar pleasure in researching Sufism: the mystical system of the Sufis, characterized by a focus on Islamic spirituality, ritualism, asceticism and esotericism. In addition to stories and Sufism, I adore the art of traveling. Backpacking or rafting adventure tours, scaling hills or burning through your skis over open ice, the adrenaline rush you get seconds before you participate in bungee jumping, or the daily serotonin dose one gains from calm beaches, I love everything there is to love about traveling.

The human mind works in mysterious ways, it is wonderful and enigmatic all at the same time. My own mind is an epitome of this statement. Due to my distinctive interest in the affairs of the pen and the paper, I have a particularly lavish imagination; a feature which has aided my writing since a very young age. I started writing when I was just eight years old. I was in 4th grade back then, I didn’t know much about the real world outside the walls of my own house, but in my mind existed a whole other world, of which I knew everything.

Feeding on folkloric stories and riddles, my mind was a river that never stopped flowing and only grew, the more it consumed. Such is a writer’s imagination, capable of creating whole universes on a single piece of paper. Moving on, the first story I ever wrote was based on the rising issue of Domestic Violence. Giving life to all the ideas in my head can be a real task, and the one friend that helped me in this aspect more than anyone else is none other than my personal diary. It is said that a diary is a writer’s best friend. Speaking from experience, I wholeheartedly agree. Furthermore, my preferred language is Hindi, and I love to fabricate my tales in it. It pains me that there are rarely any bestselling authors who understand this language’s beauty , and rarer are those who are famous at an international level. I aspire to be one of those rare Hindi writers, and I’d do anything to achieve that position. It’s easier to dream than it is to work on them, to toil for them, yet I don’t need to think twice before taking those hard steps to success.

Writing, for me, is more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle. The first book I ever got published was titled “This is not a love story” , and the second one was “The Musafirs“. Despite my preference, I wrote my first novel in the English language,  because I assumed that’d engage with a wider audience, as few people read Hindi books, even in India. Alas, my assumption was incorrect. I wasn’t satisfied with the response I got from my audience and therefore, I decided to stick with my mother tongue, Hindi. Accordingly, I wrote “The Musafirs” in Hindi and poured my heart out in it. The result I got was astounding. I got the love and appreciation I had forever craved, and I was pleased with myself. This shows that when you follow your heart, satisfaction is a complementary gift. After my astonishing success in this field, my whole family’s perspective turned over a new leaf. They expressed their delight and congratulated me in the most heart-warming way. This is one of the many accomplishments of my hard work and talent and my unrelenting willpower.

Even though my career in the field of writing was flourishing, I needed another source of income to lead a fulfilling and happy life, and to also honour my family’s desires. In the past, I worked in coaching classes as a manager. Now, it has been two years since I’ve been working for Pocket FM as a Content Editor in their Novel’s Content Department. At the same time, I am also working on my next novel, “Soulmates: Destined to be together“. It has been hard, maintaining a balance between my passion and my family’s wishes, but I have been doing it well. I have high expectations for my future novels, as my parents have high expectations for me. My pen and my thoughts are my childhood friends, and they’ve been with me at every step of my journey to prosperity. And now I am closer to my dream than ever before.

Life is a song- sing it. Life is a game- play it. Life is a challenge- meet it. Life is a dream- realize it. Life is a sacrifice- offer it. But no matter what you do, never give up. Life is what you think life is, life is what you make it, the way you shape it. Life is 10% what it actually is, and 90% how you react to it. That’s why it’s important to strive for a better life and hold onto your goals and aspirations. I have been through thick and thin to be what I am today, and none of it would have been possible without continuous efforts, determination, mental strength and sheer will. Your existence will lay upon you, a bedlam of opportunities. An infinite number of choices, a multiverse of possibilities, you must choose from these opportunities rationally and decide what’s best for you. Success is not a key to happiness ; Happiness is a key to success. Do what you love, and do it with a firmness of purpose,  and you’ll be successful. It’s a big world out there, go on and explore. Live your life to the fullest, and never cease to be happy.

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