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“Saajan Mahamuni’s Digital Portrait Painting Course born from the absence of mentor and guidance.”



Portrait paintings are an amazing resemblance and everyone is allured by good portrait paintings and wants to make such good portrait paintings. As a child, I was keen on making these portrait sketches and paintings, I tried-I tried but I did not succeed and after a while, I realized that I was not able to master the art of portrait painting, because of a lack of guidance and mentorship. But over the years, things have changed a lot and so has the art and its type.

In this digital world, not only the way we live has changed but the way we draw, we make everything has changed. Saajan Mahamuni, AKA busypencil on social media platforms, has changed the prospects. He himself is a traditional artist turned professional digital portrait painter and trainer who is helping budding artists in their journey.

He has been actively involved in this field from the young age of 11. He pursued drawing, sketching and portrait paintings as a passion but soon after he discovered his deep inclination towards the same and turned this passion into a profession. 

Saajan started his journey with a lot of dedication but an essential part of this was missing; having a guide or a mentor. He says, “I have always missed having someone to guide me through my art career.” Knowing how important it is to have a trainer or a mentor Saajan started providing online courses on Digital Portrait Painting. He uses a special formula— ‘divide and rule’ to help his students master the art. This is a fun way of learning digital portrait painting. As a teacher helping others grow and when they achieve their goals or milestone makes him happy and motivates him. But, not to forget he was once a student before becoming a professional trainer. 

Digital portrait paintings are loved by people, these have minute details that give them essence and life. Like everything represents something the portraits are live examples of one’s emotions and feelings. People always want to earn money and this course that is offered by Saajan helps you upgrade your skills and monetize them. If you’re looking up to start the professional journey there is no better option than to go with it.

The course will enable you to discover your full potential and make sure that you discover your hidden talents as well. With over 70 video lectures including real-time art demos and explained e-books that give you an understanding of the art of digital portrait painting. A guide that will change your perspective and altogether your life. Giving you access to live lectures where Saajan shares his experiences, his learnings, failures, success and on-spot doubt-clearing sessions to make sure that you are not left with any question marks in your mind.

As a student in Art College, Saajan never got a teacher who would guide him and mentor him but he wants to make sure that no one else faces these hardships. He says, “In absence of a mentor, I used to observe others’ work and practice blindly to improve my art skills. Some things worked; some didn’t. I kept it going to sharpen my art.” It was in 2012 when he decided to give his 100% to the art of digital portrait painting and with constant dedication and determination, he rose to the level where he is today.

Saajan and his work has been featured in various globally recognized portals and platforms such, World’s Best Graphic Tablet Brands, Wacom and XP-Pen. Some Indian art magazines like; Creative Gaga, Indiefolio, Yoof magazine etc. also, have endorsed his work. His work has also been nominated for various art competitions and exhibitions such as by the Art Society of India in 2010, held at Jahangir art gallery. Recently he got the gold award in the art competition held by India Film Project Season 12, in Mumbai. 

He took inspiration from his mother to help people and he says, “I think that is my primary motivation for launching this course to help art enthusiasts and art students.” Though when he started out, he faced a lot of problems such as managing students in a single batch hence he decided to take baby steps like recording lectures and making them available as a recorded video course. The inflow of students is great and he never lets them down. To help students earn, he has also shared his own ‘Fishing Strategy’ that I use to generate business inquiries from my Instagram. 

As an artist, he has worked with various well-known brands as an illustrator and art director and he soon plans to launch his own NFT collection in 2023.

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