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Actor Balraj Singh Creating Waves on Instagram with his Shayari



While a majority of influencers struggle to maintain their spotlight on the trending social media platform, Instagram, Actor Balraj Singh has completely overturned the game of algorithms and engagement by posting novel and alluring content. He accredits this success to the fusion of his well-regarded Shayaris and irresistible acting skills that have won the hearts of many of his followers. Mr. Balraj Singh is a renowned Actor and Producer who has been reaching new heights each day as a social media influencer through his Shayari and unparallel acting skills. 

In a candid conversation with Mr. Balraj Singh, he shed light on how his passion for acting and Shayari stems from an early age where he strived diligently to stand out from the crowd and make an impact. Realizing his true calling, he went the extra mile and whetted his oratory and acting skills, the outcome of which would entice people to find themselves momentarily lost by Balraj Singh’s voice and skills. In order to take his passion to an advanced stage, Mr. Balraj Singh joined AAFT, Noida, which is one of the prestigious institutes in India for film-making courses. Nurturing under the guidance of Mr. Sandeep Marwah, the Chancellor of AAFT, Noida, he elevated his acting skills to a different league in itself which has landed him in a coveted position in the present time. 

Post the completion of his course at AAFT, Noida, Mr. Balraj Singh while conversing shared about his journey as to how he fixated his eyes on all the social media platforms and was resolute on being an influencer and inspiring millions of audiences. Without any prior experience with the Instagram algorithm, he built his profile solely through genuine and natural techniques where all he depicted was his pure talent developed by diligence and consistent efforts. He was the only influencer who didn’t focus on the trend but rather channelled his efforts on being a trendsetter by uploading reels that revolved around his Shayari and acting abilities. The result of this unprecedented activity led him to build a fanbase of 1 Lac followers within a span of mere eight months. Having humble beginnings, Mr. Balraj Singh enthusiastically spoke about how his content was adored by his fans and how the fanbase kept on growing every minute. 

Parallel to being an Instagram influencer, Mr. Balraj began his own venture of promoting fresh music and new talent through his channel, ‘Balraj Singh Entertainment’. The noteworthy aspect of his journey is his debut song, titled ‘Taboot’ which crossed more than a million views on his channel, where it was showered with love and quench for more such content craved by his fans from all across the globe. His years of proficiency in acting and zeal have been an inspiration for many aspiring actors and influencers who dream of becoming the sensation that Mr. Balraj Singh is in the industry. 

Being consistent with the engagement of his content, Balraj Singh has been soaring higher with his reels on Instagram by reaching a wide range of audiences on both national and international levels and offering to provide a platform for new and unheard artists who yearn for exposure. To witness the overwhelming legacy and record that Mr. Balraj Singh is creating, follow his social handles;

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