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Aiyaz Uddin was recognized with International Excellence for Business Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring – Award by the International Open University of humanity, health sciences & peace.



“The people who have dreams in their life can manifest and achieve them too. The only thing one requires is the passion and zeal to achieve something if it is your genuine calling from within. Otherwise, one can get misled into other directions with no purpose and meaning.”

-Aiyaz Uddin 

Aiyaz Uddin, with 12 years of experience in corporate consulting, coaching, and thought leadership within the HR & Resource Management business, founded TheStaffingCircle in 2016, a platform for HR professionals to learn, grow, and launch their careers in the staffing and recruitment sector. It expands into consulting, coaching, and advising roles in team management, agency management, company management, etc.

He was also invited by Linkedin in 2016 and HackerEarth in 2021 as a speaker, speaking on the topic of Professional and Social media Talent Attraction and Engagement.

The following is a list of accolades that have been given in his honor:

-International excellence award from the International Open University (USA) in humanity, health science, and peace for digital entrepreneur, educator, mentor, and speaker in 2022.

Talent Attraction & Acquisition Using Professional & Social Media, 

(LinkedIn Talent Solutions 2016 – LinkedIn India)

Social Media. Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding 

He has received “Young HR Icon of the Year 2022” by Transformance in the CHRO Vision & Innovation Summit. (Hacker Earth’s Tech Recruiting Conference-Hire 1O1 2021).

According to Aiyaz Uddin, “We are into consulting, and under that banner, we give recruiting and staffing business coaching, advisory services, and mentorship to individuals, professionals, and business owners, including freelancing, consulting, and start-up marketing, branding, and strategies.”

He firmly believes that “passion progresses the passionate.” He stated that you are a free and autonomous thinker, “There is nothing outside to drive motivation. However, external forces influence, or to put it another way, inspire you in life towards higher things. “

He has always wanted to assist others in whatever way he can since he is an empathic and spiritual learner. He has been aware of these traits in himself since he was a child. Aiyaz Uddin stated, “I would be the one in the room to heal someone’s grief or concerns without considering someone’s ethnicity, colour, caste, or creed.” No one in our world has ever been without difficulties or problems.

Aiyaz Uddin acknowledged that he struggled with his maturity and style of thinking. “Today’s world needs dynamic individuals, and if you have a lot of responsibilities while still being devoted to yourself, you will constantly have challenges with your money, supervision, and planning.” Everyone requires guidance, support, and a roadmap, even those at the top. Still, as we get older and mature, we learn how to assume ownership, responsibility, and accountability for things in life. “

In the future, he hopes to become a worldwide inspirational leader with a servant mindset, someone who serves humanity with the sole intention of inspiring, motivating, and assisting others in achieving their professional, personal, or business-related goals.


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