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 Akanksha Moghe



Profession – Instagram Influencer, creator

City – Gwalior (m.p.)

Short journey

Hello, my name is akanksha arvind moghe. I live with my father, Arvind moghe, sister Arpita moghe and nephew, Kanishk Moghe. 

Being an Influencer is not as easy as it seems cause it takes your whole day, and sometimes you are not in a situation where you can face a camera, but yes, there is a need for family support to make new content. Whenever I got confused, I asked my family what I wanted to do next, and they properly guided me, especially my sister. She encouraged me to do the right things and avoid doing wrong things. I take many bad decisions in my life, but now I am on the right track. I was known as a fatty girl in my school days, but I never worried about being fatty. There are so many ups and down in our life but never lose hope full fill in all your dreams. I must say never change yourself for someone but yes, change yourself for yourself, not for others, whenever I think about my past school days.

I am from a small city Gwalior where people didn’t know about Influencer marketing, and I belong to a middle-class family. One year ago, even I didn’t know about Influencer marketing before that. I only used Instagram for posting pictures, but after some time, I realised that I could make money through it. I started my journey with Instagram, and I am growing slowly, reaching more brands and audiences cause of my dusky complexion. I thought that this field was only for fair people. As a dusky complexion girl, I faced so many problems in making videos cause of my small home. I started my study in Hindi medium, so I am also facing this issue in my life, so I realise that spoken English is not important. Important is your talent and how you can improve yourself for better things. If you treat your self good, people will treat you better. Recently I was verified on the rizzle app with 3 lakh followers, and I have 1 lakh followers on Instagram, and I am one of Gwalior’s top influencers listed by Google search engine, and my followers are supporting me a lot recently, I featured in famediladoon magazine, and I have worked with so many brands like wow skin science, mama earth, myglamm, before Paris, mCaffein, newmeashia, Ubon, odhni and many more.

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