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Albaik heading towards a rapid expansion by opening 300 outlets by 2025



Food has always been an exquisite source of happiness, pleasure and completeness since the inception and restaurants have been doing the esteemed job of serving delicious food at the comfort of customers. Everyone wishes to taste various types of food and experience new cuisines but unfortunately few dishes are difficult to cook at home with basic ingredients and equipment. This is the major reason for the rapid increase in the restaurant culture across the nation and it is very evident that people are in love with the dining under the dim lights of a restaurant. Albaik is one such renowned restaurant that has introduced the authentic Arabic food in the Malabar region and gradually led it’s way on the path of success and is now spreading across the nation.

The legacy and history of Albaik dates back to the year of 1991 based in the exotic area of Malabar region. In the year of 1991, Albaik was started as a multi cuisine restaurant along with a wedding hall in Malappuram and that marks the inception of the mighty food chain that’s chaining grilled chicken, Pizza, mojitos and the list never ends. Albaik was started by Moideen Kutty, (who is the former president of KHRA (kerala hotel and restaurant association) and current advisory chairman) who is also a member of KHRA in the town of Malappuram as a traditional hotel. The firm has managed to garner positive reviews and achieved a lot of success and that modified the founder to start additional branches and expand the firm. The Arabic food serve by the hotel has become an instant addiction to many people and the word of mouth has also been a significant reason. The firm gradually developed with new branches opening in Calicut airport in 1997, Kottakkkal in 2000, Tirur in 2004 and the count crossed 75 such counters as of now.

Albaik Feasto Express is a firm under that’s been operating and spreading smiles and joy since 1991. Albaik Feasto Express was started with the motive to provide best fried and grilled chicken in the entire city and no one had the guts to compete with Albaik Feasto Express and the firm’s famous Arabic menu has drawn many people’s attention as well. Albaik Feasto Express has stolen the hearts of many people because of their motive to be real and authentic. There are several cases where restaurants apply Indian masalas over the Arabic food that might not give the original taste. Albaik Feasto Express tried to even recreate the Arabic spices and applied only them to give the customers a genuine feeling.

When asked about their goals and missions, the team at Albaik Feasto Express says that they wish to serve food in the top notch facilities and beat out the best every single time. They claim that they have been working so hard to meet the international standards and to make Albaik Feasto Express a renowned name. Every successful story has some values and morals attached firmly to it and even Albaik Feasto Express believes in such values and that might be one of the main reasons for its rapid expansion today. Great people say that one must love what he does and this is completely applicable in the case of the staff at Albaik Feasto Express as they work with passion and sheer comfort. The team researches and tries to explore various types of food from various cuisines with the core idea of maintaining the authenticity same.

Every business needs to expand, and every visionary entrepreneur sees with eyes that look for opportunities and thinks with a mind full of impeccable insights. After gaining people’s love and trust, Albaik Feasto Express is now looking forward to rapidly expand their chain and be able to serve millions of new people. As an ingenious step, Albaik Feasto Express is taking a bold step by planning to open 300 new outlets across the country by 2025, spreading its heritage and culture to every corner of the country.

Albaik Feasto Express has found its way through success and fame only because of the commitment and passion they have towards food. Instead of seeing the restaurants as a booming source of income, they have seen it as a source to serve tasty food to people, answer their hunger and savour their taste buds. They believed that serving good food is not just enough and crossed the extra mile to create an experience for a customer who visits Albaik and Feasto Express.

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