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“Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 coming in 2024! Get ready for an action-packed experience.”



Fans have been impatiently awaiting Pushpa: The Rule, the follow-up to the Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna-starring film Pushpa: The Rise. The release date may be delayed a little. According to current sources, Pushpa 2’s producers hope to have audiences watching the movie in early 2024.

According to a source cited by Pinkvilla, the creators intend to make the sequel “bigger and better” than the original.” Not only that, but the entertainment portal also stated that the movie’s filming schedule would probably start in December of this year.

“Sukumar is doing everything in his power to ensure that Pushpa 2 surpasses Pushpa: The Rise in size and quality. The person said that the final shoot, which is anticipated to start in the first week of December, will proceed once he is satisfied with the results of the numerous test shootings he has planned in Bangkok and other locations.

“Sukumar’s excellence would cause the movie’s release to be delayed. He doesn’t want to rush through the filming; therefore, for the time being, the producers have chosen to release Pushpa 2 sometime between March and April of 2024,” the person continued.

This occurs at a time when Pushpa 2 fans all over the world have been requesting updates from the producers. Recently, Pushpa: The Rule fans in various locations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Mahabubabad, Telangana, and Sohalpur, Maharashtra, developed a poster supporting their request for a status update on the movie. The signs bearing the hashtags “#WewantPushpa2Update” and “We Want Pushpa 2 update” were made by Allu Arjun’s fan base, who flocked to the streets to demand more information about the movie. The UAE’s fans were undoubtedly seen holding up these posters in front of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Allu Arjun spoke about how everyone in the nation celebrated Pushpa: The Rise in October of this year. “I am thrilled that we do disagree on some things. This nation’s variety adds to its charm. However, India was happy to see Pushpa: The Rise comes to life. The Indian cinema industry has produced all of us. We are all pleased that Indian cinema has triumphed. We are delighted that we could provide entertainment for the nation during these trying times,” he remarked in New Delhi upon receiving the “CNN-News18 Indian of the Year 2022” Award.

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