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An excellent manufacturer of stainless steel and every other varities of kitchenware, Meqstore aims to serve the best to everyone



Kitchenware is the most necessary part of a household and good quality kitchenware is everything a house ever requires. Different types of utensils and other required products are manufactured by companies, however, some companies are proved to be the best in manufacturing excellent kitchenware.

One such splendid manufacturer of kitchenware is Meqstore. A company which guarantees the quality of the products and is known to be the best kitchenware manufacturers in the country. The company manufactures products like premium quality mirror finish stainless steel deep vessel, handi, cooking pot for kitchen. Export quality stainless steel used in making the kitchenware makes the utensils highly durable, long lasting and rust free. Company is the best in manufacturing less stain steel cookware. The compact size of the products make it easy to clean and handle, while these are quite easy to maintain.

Bhuraram Beniwal received his early schooling at Tagore School in Osiya, Jodhpur, and after finishing his 12th grade, he pursued a at Skit Jaipur. He provided software development as a service for some time. Following that, he embarked on a harrowing trip to reach his destination, where he could reinforce the present and future of thousands of people. Bhuraram Beniwal understood technology from his father, Karanram, who worked as an electrician for the railroads. Bhuraram watched his father work with passion as a child and was inspired to pursue a career in technology.

Mr. Bhuraram Beniwal, the CEO and Founder of Meqstore, laid the foundation of the company back in 2019 in Jaipur. His journey was full of difficulties but he never gave up and always sticked to his determination and passion to empower other struggling companies. He started the company with an aim to provide the most efficient products to boost the comfort level of the customers while also empowering the local artisans to produce the best of products. Thousands of artisans are an active part of the company now and they have been working with the company. 

The company is quite popular in the country for its high-quality, efficient and affordable kitchenware. Customer’s satisfaction being the priority for the company, Meqstore has always focused on providing the best to every one. Known as one of the best kitchenware manufacturers in the country, Meqstore is widely known for its excellent quality kitchen utensils, stainless steel kitchenware, dinnerware, tableware and many more. The company possesses expertise in manufacturing eco-friendly products which are both fuel and water efficient. Meqstore is a quite preferred company to buy stainless steel products which are affordable and the quality of the stainless steel products is unmatched to any other company. 

Through the company, the aim is to empower the brilliant Indian artisans. Encouraging the expansion and innovation on a global level, the company has actively served with the best for the customers and has empowered many people working in the company to stay ahead in the competition with the most valuable asset connecting the customers to the company, a common aspect necessary for both customers and the company, which is “trust”. 

With Meqstore, you get everything you want in your dream kitchen, from stainless steel products to the best of tableware, all in a price which is not only affordable but is worth the quality the company offers through their products. Cooking is fun with Meqstore while the products are the best and highly preferred by many people throughout the country. 


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