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Sometimes as a human there are things bound to be out of our control and understanding, then relying on studies older than ourselves can help us find answers. Studies that explain things that humans and basic science might find hard to grasp. Such is the story of Gaurav Mishra and his finding for his NGO.

Once on a train journey twenty years ago to his destination Gaurav was stranded at Varanasi cantt station, since the train was running late. Having nothing to do Gaurav made a purchase, one of the best purchases of his life so he believes. It was the great astrologer Mr. Chiero’s Numerology book; he read the book and drowned into the sea of wisdom and that’s where he started his journey in astrology, then gradually he learnt many branches of Occult science like Laal Kitaab, predictive astrology, Ramal vidya, palmistry, tarot card reading, and some other connected branches as well. Gaining an in-depth knowledge over the years he slowly set foot into astrology as a profession.

It wasn’t always hunky Dory with Gaurav either as much as he believes in the destiny the universe holds for us he believes in working hard as well. He has worked hard all his life. Even as a young boy he had to face harsh realities of life and fend for himself. He had to really push himself after some traumatic incidents in his life. Later with the wisdom gained from the occult studies of astrology he found answers as to why but until then he had no other reason other than to have to keep going just for the sake of it. His hardwork and dedication paid off and now he earns a six figure income doing what he loves and is also part of a national political party. It really goes to show that if you work hard enough, anything is possible!

Ever since Gaurav Mishra has made a name for himself and has helped countless people find answers to problems in their life and find peace with themselves. Not only does he believe in helping people heal through astrology but through means of understanding different groups of people and their issues. He is constantly inspired by NGOs such as Prayatna Sansthan and Goonj and their work that he decided to start an NGO of his own six years ago. 

Currently Gaurav Mishra practices Astrology and chanelizes whatever he gets from it and gives it as Dakshina toward the welfare of his NGO. He feels his work as an Astrologer and the work of the NGO truly complement each other. His goal is to help people any which way he can whether that is through Astrologer or through the means of welfare as NGO work.

Join Gaurav Mishra on his journey to become a much more learned Astrologer and expand his NGO on various levels to help many more marginalized communities and help people in every way he can. His story is truly inspiring and something which we all can learn from.

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