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Another song by Matili Wala Gill released



Matili Wala Gill has once again created a buzz in the Punjabi music industry with the song “Modern Date”. In this song, the role of composer, lyricist and model has also been played by Matili Wala Gill himself.

The video of the song has been done by the Amazing Thoughts team. The song has been released by Desi crush music which is a record label. Listeners are very much liking the modern date song, and this song is being heard by thousands of people on Youtube and other music platforms.

  Have also worked with Sidhu Moosewala on a song.

Gill also did a song, “sarkare ni”, with a famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, whose music is composed by him. The song audio has been released and is on all music platforms. This song has received a lot of love from millions of people.

Matili Wala Gill was born in the Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. Gill did his study at the village school and Dr B.R.A college Sri Ganganagar.

 Has worked on many songs in the industry as a music producer. He also made his debut as a singer and model very soon with the song ‘Tu bahli sohni’. Now, new song is coming into the industry one after the other. His songs are also being liked a lot by the AUDIENCE.

 According to the information, Matili Wala Gill has been interested in music and computer since childhood. They started creating music on the computer while studying as well as doing computer work. By then, computerized music had become popular. Gradually, the skill developed, and the music started becoming good, due to which Gill decided to make his career in this line itself.

But Gill’s life also faced many difficulties. When his father, Mr Jasvinder Singh and uncle Bagga Singh died, Gill was 17 years old. At an early age, the responsibility of taking care of the family came on Gill. And it had to be cultivated along with study and music. Gill had to look after their mother, Parvinder Kaur, two sisters and their uncle’s family in the family, but Gill did not give up and continued to work hard. . Following the instructions of Dada Shree Pal Singh Khoji, Gill was able to fight the difficult situations. Gill set up a music studio in his village Matili Rathan and started releasing songs. Joni Taneja (Sada MD), a friend of Gill, also supported a lot. And the people of the village also appreciated Gill very much. Today a large list of Gill’s songs is available on all music platforms.

You can listen to Gill’s songs by searching Matili Wala Gill on Google and other music platforms. 

 In the future, many more songs are to be released by Gill, one after the other. According to his, Gill will be seen working as a music producer, singer and actor very soon in future in Hollywood and Bollywood.

 You can stay in touch with Gill’s songs and information by following Matili Wala Gill on his social media and music platforms.

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