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ANTICO SQ FDN: Launch & Inspiring Success Stories



Antico Squad Foundation is a Sec 8 NGO  which is working on create awareness on Human rights and  fight on corruption  , Women empowerment and Transgender empowerment and child care. 

Antico Squad Foundation launched by  Mr. APJMJ. SHEIK SALEEM Grand Nephew of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Entrepreneur, House of Kalam – Rameswaram,  In 2012  this NGO founder Mr. Nagothi Santosh was founded  Spark Foundation Trust act he is running other two NGOs   one is AP-Nagaralu Sangam Association/ Nagaralu welfare society  and  Dwarakami Divine Foundation , Previously he runned   Save the Life and Spark Global Foundation, Deepalaya care Foundation, Hands two Help foundation, Nidhismile  Global Foundation he hand over the same to his team members to execute projects. Hpeople e is aimed to focus on his own NGOs  which is Antico Squad Foundation, Dwarakamai Divine Foundation and AP-Nagaralusangam Association Section 8 NGOs.

The Aim of NGOs is very clear to work on the following verticals 

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Women Empowerment & Transgender Empowerment ‘
  4. LGBT awareness
  5. Animal Care
  6. Plantation and Water

Dr. nagothi Venkata Satya Santosh kumar est. school in Hyderabad nagole and running that school  successfully and now the aim is to establish the college and university , Mobile medical hospitals to help more people In south India , He is aimed to expand his ngo services all over India as it is national NGOs . From the data of Antoco Squad Foundation registration till date around 10 self help groups and distributed around 10000 saress to Trasngenders and Old people at old age home and distributed ration to 150 Trasngemder family as well  ration to three old age homes.  Antico Squad Foundation already selected few of State and district presidents   Andhra Pradesh Mr. Lingipilli Ramakrisna  and NTR Dt Smt. Lakshmi and Sridevi for Tamilnadu  Jashwa  Karnataka  Smt. Sandhya R  and Bhoomika  …etc 

From 2016 the Journey was started  and working on multiple things Medical camps, Anna datha , education self groups and LGBT awareness . Legal support to poor. 

Based on the social work the founder got Honour Doctorate from  Indian university and US university . His dream is simple what we earn on that give back to society 10-30% as your wish nothing is wrong the world is our family , we are  one family.  We may not help every one but when we earn and when we have opportunity we may help at lease few of people at your surroundings. 

Antico Squad Foundation looking for teams all over India who like to work for cause and fight against corruption and create awareness on few important things. 

Antico Squad Foundation AIM to to see corruption free India and Every citizen need to know their rights and  we should save our culture and  kids …. Every week they conducting events in college about  out culture and awareness on few accepts. 

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