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Anvitha: A well known Telugu You tuber produced her own film OPERATION 533295 and released on her famous You Tube Channel Anvitha Vlogs



Youtubers undoubtedly never fails to entertain their audience and the Vloggers and content creators entertain the entire world like no other be it in the form of humour related content or lifestyle related. Cheers to one such eminent Vlogger Anvitha, a Telugu You Tuber from the state of Andhra Pradesh who is amassing huge popularity with her You Tube Channel ‘Anvitha Vlogs’.

A passionate Vlogger Anvitha has made a name for herself with her daily Vlogs from her personal life, films, and her singing that both have style, substance, standard with unending entertainment in abundance. The videos of her exotic pets and farm house are something pretty and aesthetic that ropes the audience to her channel. Her videos on singing depict a good blend between her personality and talent that certainly makes the videos worth a watch for the audience, a talent that one must surely be proud of. Her creative videos from her creative life together with the channel of more than 80k followers is elevating to a level with each passing day and never let up her online presence.

Besides being a Vlogger Anvitha is a film producer too. She Produced her own film with many Fresh talented artists on Screen and released it on her own You Tube Channel “Anvitha Vlogs”. One of her newly produced film was OPERATION 533295 released on June 9 2021 on her You Tube Channel. The movie OPERATION 533295 revolves around the story of a Naxal spy operation in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh Forest Region. The movie was produced under the banner of Geddam Entertainment and Anvitha Vlogs, beautifully crafted by G.V Sri Raj under the direction of Raj Kumar Cheepuri with the star cast of Danunjay Reddy, Gowri Shankar, Madhu Chodwary, and Raghava Yadav.

Previously she has worked with many famous Tollywood super stars like Ram Miriyala who is a sensational Singer of Manneapu Kondolona Song and Anudeep Dev who sang Seethakoka Chiluka and Slum Dog Millionaire and Mix Exgineer Grammy Award Winner PA Deepak have mastered the sound engineering. Anvitha began her journey as a You Tuber and Vlogger after she got married to G.V Sri Raj in 2013. Anvitha is The Daughter in Law of Ex Member of Parliament GV Harsha Kumar.

Anvitha believes to remain original while Vlogging with an attempt to Vlog about things she is passionate about with a concept of sharing any video content that is compelling. She says “The only key to drive the audience while Vlogging is to remain real and that’s more important to build that trust and impression with your audience”. It’s only her simplicity, originality and her exceptional talent of singing made her build an audience of her own together with an expansion of her name into fame and fortune. Once she began getting famous her elevation in the level of success knew no bound.

She signs off saying “One has to be consistent with whatever he or she does and there is no such any formula apart from hard work, a good quality content and consistency, then success is all yours!”

You can take a tour of her You Tube channel and explore her entertaining Vlogs and her latest released movie OPERATION 533295. Very soon she will have her own Official Artist account in You Tube.OPERATION 533295 (Telugu Film) –

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