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Arashdeep – A Punjabi Singer & Producer



With the advent of the internet and smartphones, everyone can promote their interests through social media. Instagram and YouTube, for example, are excellent platforms for sharing the talents of deserving people with people all over the world. The success of these sites is motivating and inspiring the content creators to produce more and more high-quality content and new ideas and themes. It takes a lot of effort, creative ideas, hard work, and promotional ideas to achieve the name and fame on these sites.

Arashdeep Kumar .. stage name of ”  Arash Kumar”… 

Doctor by profession.. started a musical journey back in 2015 .. wrote their first song in 9th standard and uploaded it on youtube in 2017.. released the first track in 2020.. started a music producer.. and wanted to be known as a music producer. Not a lyricist or singer.. but had released a few songs with my voice and lyrics

Started a soft tunes music label in 2020 with help of a friend and got into the music industry. Came to know about many things I was unaware of in this industry. Social media promotions helped to reach a wider audience and new artists.

Released a few songs as a music producer on the softTunes channel. 

found by google artist page one day. 

Now collaborating with new artists for new songs that will be released soon and working with a new label “TheBadBoyz”. 

Let’s see what the future holds.

Arashdeep believes that his channel will continue to grow as long as he produces songs. He believes that he will be able to carry on the legacy for many more years to come. The channel’s mission is to promote and enhance Punjabi culture in all parts through entertaining elements.

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