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Arjun Malik, famous Bollywood figure & Aura Prod. House dir.



Working with celebrities may be a lucrative job for people who are interested in image development. Arjun Malik, a well-known figure in Bollywood, is the director of the well-known production house in the fashion industry known as “Aura Production House,” as well as a celebrity manager who has organized modelling events in India’s top 5 levels and provided a platform for the talented to showcase their talent on the runway.

Arjun Malik, as previously stated, is the director of Aura Production. Aura Productions is a well-known fashion house in the business. It is dedicated to the betterment of society via creative expressions such as fashion exhibitions, art galleries, art festivals, art and literature, and other creative talents. Aura Productions was formed on the concept that creating memorable moments should be simple, enjoyable, and accessible to anyone. Everything they do is based on these key principles. The production company is enthusiastic about event management, how people enjoy themselves, and how people connect and share memories. There are so many interesting new methods to shape the environment around us, whether you want a little event or a massive one. Aura Productions brings individuals closer to their loved ones by facilitating wonderful moments together. The collective efforts of Piyush Agarwal (Founder)and Minakshi Chaudhary (Co-founder) have made Aura Production House successful in India.

Arjun began his interest in expressive arts such as music when he was four years old, long before Aura Production House. Following that, he studied the guitar under Mr. Manoj Sheel at the Sheel Sangeet Kendra in Muzaffarnagar. This led to the formation of his first band, “SIGN-The Band,” with his musical friends. The band competed in various battle of the bands competitions and won most of them. Although the band was performing well, Arjun decided it was time to expand his horizons and join another band called “Vairaag-The Band.” They performed together, but when certain members decided to pursue other interests, the band had to separate.

Arjun subsequently opted to devote his attention to his father’s business, which is currently in its 32nd year, with Arjun leading it to new heights by offering new quality items to the people of Muzaffarnagar. Arjun owns Dharamdev Tiles n Stone Co. and the Premium Exclusive shop in Saket Colony Muzaffarnagar, which only sells premium items. Celebrities have visited his businesses, and celebrities have opened the New Brands exhibition at Dharamdev. Arjun switched from the music sector to the fashion industry while running his father’s firm.

Arjun started his career as a director at Sharad Chaudhary’s Dreamz Production House. His new profession was fascinating, and he attended several events with notable Bollywood superstars such as Sharad, Rannvijay Singha, Prince Narula, Yuvika Chaudhary, and others. Only two years later did he transfer to Aura Production House, where he is now employed. Arjun got the pleasure to work with Prince Narula, Zoya Afroz, and others at Aura Production House. Arjun has solid relationships with numerous industry celebrities. Namya Saraf, a Bollywood Punjabi actress from Chandigarh, is his staunchest fan.

Arjun now represents celebrities and professional models such as Karan Kundra, Sapna Chaudhary, Tiger Shroff, Shahoor Ali, Vinni, Ruchika, Virunika, Sarthak Chaudhary, Himani Arya, and many others. He still operates his own business and is a well-known businessman in North India.

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