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From being an average introverted kid to an enthusiastic writer and scholar, there is much more than just days in this story. In fright of the delicacies of the expectations, concurrent to the tenacity of the dreams buried beneath the sheets of social and economic compulsions, how Arti contended with all the upheavals?

Born in a family of six in a small city, Shikohabad ,in western U.P, Arti is the eldest child of her family. She is an alumni of St dominic’s Academy and is currently pursuing her graduation.

“Being from a mediocre background we knew not much the education. English was something out of the blue for us then .Moreover being eldest, I was always expected to be the most responsible and 

comprehended of all. But as is said ‘Responsibility drives the need to clear perceptions and mental and emotional maturity’ the same was evident with me. Every bit of effort was a step ahead to growth. From leading the choir group, to wearing the captaincy, to writing poetries, to acknowledging oratory skills and finally one among the toppers in senior grades, my hard work paid off”- Arti said.

Besides being a scholar Arti is a writer and a singer. At the age of 20, she has written for various anthologies, magazines and is aspiring to be an author in coming days. In addition to that she has also won a tidy sum of awards dedicated to singing. Precisely about category, Arti’s writings has a slight tilt to poetries. Albeit she enjoy various genre, social is her new favourite.

“The thing that fascinates me most about this genre is its vast diversification, the genesis of certain social factors and dichotomic social mindset. Having witnessed the distinct dimensions of it at individual level, it is more than just a classification to me.”

As a student of social and Economic Affairs, Arti seeks future in finance. She hope to make genuine contributions to Indian economy. “The crux of the matter in my opinion is that the life has no destinations rather a combination of series of path, synchronized sensibly across distinct phases of life. The mind is an epitome of the life that we are leading and so optimistic mindset and sanguinity in life can lead to better Outcomes. Learning from the experience of past and implementing the good in present to refine the future is the equation to 

success. As of now holding a bunch of dreams in aspiration to achieve them, I have yet thousand pages to write in the book of my life.”

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