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Author Utkarsh Chak says :- Stimulation, Perputation, Regimentation is the only radix to move ahead in Life !



The Kanpur based author always keep inspiring us all with their motivational thoughts in the articles and keep making us realize that there is nothing impossible if you have the potential.

This article is also for all the youth as always, because whether it is about our own success or to do something big in life, we should have only one aim, that is continuous effort and this is the only way to always keep ourselves consistent and ahead in life, without effort we can never be successful in any work and it does not depend at all whether our effort is small or big! But we should keep on the path of continuous effort, if we want to go ahead in life or touch those heights, then make success your taste, if it is not there then nothing is there, life is temporary but success is our permanent, once If you get it, you will get into the habit of winning and we are going to understand from this article how to make this habit.

The author Utkarsh Chak  is a writer, poet, storyteller and motivational speaker. He is the founder/owner of a motivational quote page named ‘utkarsh_chak_’ on a social media platform that is Instagram. His first motivational book Introspection is Enlightenment was published in July 2021, which became a bestseller in Self- Help books and now he is constantly trying to motivate all the youth because his only objective is “Motivation in Everyone’s Veins”. His second debut motivational book is also going to be published soon.

What should be our first aim in life?

Life is very difficult to live unless we try, once we start thinking about our future then everything happens by itself, it is difficult to get success but not impossible! First of all, make yourself self-reliant, just like the initiative of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji that now India will become a AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT, when this self-reliance comes inside us from the beginning, then we will be able to suffer further in our life. Always remember, never depend on anyone for anything because everything is temporary except your success! If you want to love, do it with yourself, if you want to spend, do it on yourself, make yourself a utility seeker, keep on accepting knowledge and give it together because in front not only you but we all have to go to great heights like this Keep your target! It is forbidden to stop, put this in your habit. Anything is difficult till we don’t want and the day you want nothing in the world is bigger than your sense of humour, so learn to walk alone, face challenges, you will learn to live on your own, dependence is absolutely intoxicating. It is like the more you depend, the more you will go on becoming weak and hollow from inside. I hope you have understood the first purpose of your life.

How to find your final cause ?

No work is small or big and no field is useless, it just depends on you, what work you love, what work you enjoy doing! When the workforce is engaged, then the income itself is generated, but only earning should not be our only motive because always remember that the expert of that work has more value than the worker, then our first principle should be in becoming an expert. When we do some work, its respect increases tenfold when we have expertise in that work, design your soul in such a way that everyone needs you! Everyone thinks it necessary to take your help or take your opinion because it develops the name along with the workforce income, so be like one !

Whatever be the purpose, just keep three things in your heart and mind !

1. Stimulation :- No matter how much motivation you take from outside, everything is in vain until the sound comes from inside you, someone can wake up the motivation inside you, then it is you yourself, so the sooner you start working on yourself, eventually the passion inside you will arise.

2. Regimentation :- Make discipline a habit! To start anything, the most important role in it is that of discipline. Line by line things get easier and things get done quickly, so develop discipline in yourself in such a way that you do not feel relaxed without completing things, the day it is done you will win most of the battles of your life.

3. Perputation :- The resolution should be such that you do not sit still until you complete it, create such a fire within yourself that continuity becomes your nature and your only powerful weapon, as if you have taken a step, you will not stop without completing. Success is needed, it should become your principle no more excuses and no discussion until you become successful, I guarantee you that being successful will be in your blood and all the troubles in the world will become easy.

These three specialties you have to settle in your mind, after that the battle that will happen in your life will generate a chain of changement in you and this primary source will one day take you so far ahead which you cannot even imagine!

All the best to all of you.

It’s time to take action for ourselves.



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