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Best Piles Treatment Hospital in Bangalore



Piles ( Bavasir ), clinically known as Haemorrhoids, are a swelling of the veins in and around the anal canal. These blood vessels grow and swell when there is an increase in pressure on them, which can occasionally be felt at the anal opening. 

Piles are broadly classified in to two types

  • Internal 
  • External 

Again they are subdivided in to 

  • Bleeding 
  • Non bleeding piles. 

There’s no need to suffer in silence just because Piles (Bavasir) may not be a topic you feel comfortable broaching. You are not alone if you have piles. One in two of us may likely have piles at some point in their life, according to estimates of the population.

Why opt for Zain Piles Hospital to root out those Haemorrhoids?

Dr. Mujahid Pasha M is a very good piles doctor in Bangalore, in the Banaswadi area. He is a general surgeon with more than 11 years of experience and 8 years as a specialist. His key areas of interest are laser surgery for piles, fissure, fistula and varicose veins. Till date more than 500 patients have been satisfactorily treated for their Piles by Dr. Mujahid Pasha.

A proper diagnosis is essential for determining the piles treatment strategy. It is not advised to self-diagnose piles because most of the symptoms are similar to those of other anorectal illnesses, such as anal fissures and anal fistulas. Therefore, it is always advisable to find a local Bangalore specialist piles doctor and get the right care.

Dr. Mujahid Pasha M diagnose the condition using past and present medical and medication history along with the help of advanced, and USFDA-approved diagnostic tests.

Different type of piles/ hemorrhoid treatment done in Zain Piles Hospital are :

Piles / Hemorrhoids

Piles, clinically known as Haemorrhoids, is the swelling of the blood vessels near the anal opening. An increased pressure on these blood vessels, causes them to enlarge and swell, thus forming lumps which are occasionally felt at the anal opening.


An anal fissure is a tear or cut in the skin of the anal canal. The condition affects men and women equally and can occur at any age ( infants too ). Anal fissures are commonly found in the back part of your anus, in line with the cleft of your buttock.


An anal fistula is a small channel that develops between the end of the bowel and the skin around the anus. Fistula has a tract with two openings – Internal opening into the rectum or anal canal and External opening through the skin of the buttocks

More over all the treatments will be done with painless procedure. 

Piles are diagnosed according to three grades 

We have four grades in which grade 3 and 4 should be immediately treated.

Grade 1 and 2 can be managed conservatively that is with diet and medicine 

So i request all my well wishers and the general community to have a consultation as early as possible without hesitation because with short time the grades may change

What are you waiting for? Get in touch to get the best piles treatment.


ZAIN PILES HOSPITAL ,Near to Zamindar Eye Hospital ,10 Th Main ,100 Ft Road ,HRBR LAYOUT,1st Block, Banaswadi, Bangalore, 560043, Karnataka+91-9480394694 Gmail: 

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