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Bibhu Moni Singha: Inspiring story of India’s one of the best Fitness Experts and sports nutritionists with unending achievements



“Bibhu Moni Singha is the first personality from the entire Eastern Region and second in India to be awarded the prestigious title of “Excellent personal trainer of the year 2018 by Fitness Excellence Award (FEA).”

Bibhu Moni Singha is an award-winning best fitness expert and leading sports nutritionist with a significant fitness goal by designing a solid food plan that helps an athlete perform to the best of their ability with the right kind of foods that provides sufficient energy, nutrients and fluids for hydration for peak performance. He leaves no stone unturned in helping talented athletes achieve their athletic potential. He has rich research experience in nutritional practices to enhance peak performance in sport activity challenges and solutions. Bibhu specializes in Exercise Physiology, Sports and exercise nutrition, strength and conditioning, Yoga, Body transformation and Fat loss, Functional manual muscle testing and movement screen, sports injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

With the experience of more than 20 years in the Fitness Industry, Bibhu is the founder of Universal Fitness Training Academy (UFTA) that has been into providing Health and Fitness Education since 2006 in the entire Eastern Region of India to fitness professionals like Personal Trainers, Gym Trainers, Bodybuilders, Gym owners and to the ordinary people so that everyone can get the benefits of scientific fitness training & nutrition to lead a healthy life. Bibhu has been working with individuals and teams of his organization to help improve the fitness enthusiast’s performance and trainers to build a full-time career in the Fitness Industry. By far, he has trained and certified more than 2000 Trainers from the academy.

Bibhu has been the Franchise Manager (Easter Region) and Head Coach of Super Fight League Gym since 2016. SFL Gyms Guwahati plays an essential role in the development of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a sport with fully equipped MMA gyms, offering intense training of MMA, Dojo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ, Strength Training, Zumba, Cardio, Functional Training, Fitness Spa to men, women and children by renowned coaches from combat sports fraternity. 

Claim to Fame (BIBHU MONI SINGHA, PhD. Scholar, PGD Fitness and Nutrition, CMPPTIFBB, CPT


 The best fitness trainer of the year 2018″ by the Bollywood Celebrity, Soha Ali Khan, organized by India Leadership Awards (ILA)

–  Researcher of Sports and Exercise sciences Director of certification, UFTA.

– Recipient of INDIA’S BEST FITNESS TRAINER OF THE YEAR 2018 by BOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY, SOHA ALI KHAN, during the India Leadership Awards (ILA) held on 07th October 2018.

– THE EFFECTS OF WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE & RESISTANCE TRAINING ON TESTOSTERONE LEVELS IN MEN” published in the annual conference journal during the 48th Annual National Conference of the Nutrition Society of India.”

– He is the Professional Member of the International Federation of Physical Education and Sports Science Associations (IFPEFSSA). 

– He is a Member of the International Society of Exercise Immunology (ISEI) in the USA. Member American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), USA.

– He is the Life Member of the Indian Association of Health & Fitness (IAHF). Life Member Indian Association of Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition (IAPEN) Life Member Nutrition Society of India (NSI)

Bibhu aims to create career awareness about the importance of Scientific Fitness Training by conducting various seminars and workshops on health, fitness & nutrition in different parts of the country so that people understand the importance of becoming a Fitness Trainer or a Personal Trainer education in Exercise Science, Sports & Exercise Nutrition. Besides this, he aims to provide training in CPR & AED to save a person’s life during an emergency of cardiac arrest. He strives to standardize the Fitness Industry according to the international standards set by the IFBB, NSCA, ICREP, ACSM & ISSN, encouraging the Scientific Protocol of Fitness Training in gyms and health clubs. 

Bibhu has also trained various renowned sports celebrities such as Olympic Boxer Shiva Thapa, 2018 Commonwealth, 100 Meters Gold Champion Hima Das and Latest Junior International Tennis sensation Miss Priyanka Kalita of team Adidas sponsored former competitive International Tennis Player & student-athlete for the Women’s Tennis Team for Miami University, USA.

Bibhu has also been a part of the show like Morning Prime Health and Fitness Show on ND24 Channel as a host along with various talk shows such as Health & Fitness in DY365, Gold’s Gym Fitness shows, Sathya and Career Mantra on Prag, “Good Life” in North East Live, “SFL Fitness Show” in News 18, Time8, RED FM, FITNESS SHOW on Radio Mirchi, GUP SHUP and so on.

With the passion and zeal and to create awareness amongst people, Bibhu runs his own YouTube channel and encourages everyone to remain healthy and fit.

YouTube link:

Website link: 

Instagram handle: @bibhuuniversa

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