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Binny Choudhry’s journey with My Plate Manager



The amount of work complexity and lack of time has compelled us to stay trapped in unhealthy diet routines. The health is more ruined when increasing working hours and long sitting hours on chairs also are added. A good food choice, along with a healthy schedule and carefully selected and curated diet plans help us to stay away from problems such as obesity, heart diseases, mental stress, etc. In such situations, knowing a good nutritionist and getting your diet plans finalised can really help. 

Binny Choudhry is an amazing nutritionist who can help you out with deciding your own diet plan as per your suitability. She is just the perfect person to guide you as she has more than 10 years of experience in this field. With her venture, My Plate Manager, she strives to help her clients in deciding a diet plan that assists them in having a healthy lifestyle. She started her journey with Fitbites. From there, there was no looking back as she went on in suggesting the diet plans and helping them in their journey to fitness. As the experience grew, she started her own company My Plate Manager, to fulfill her goal of serving people for their fit lifestyle.

My Plate Manager was initially a platform where she shared diet plans and replies with family, friends and some clients. However, her main goal of catering to the need of expert diet plans took the first step from YMCA’s nutrition and dietetics programme. She enrolled there and discovered her passion for health and wellness. After finishing it, she started My Plate Manager which today is a trusted name for people who want to achieve his or her physical objectives with the least compromise on their favourite meals. 

She believes in providing balanced meal solutions to her clients. In this way, clients can enjoy the life which allows them to reach their body goals. The objective is bigger than just weight management. It is improving the overall health by focussing, and maintaining fitness and lifestyle. 

This is the reason she has come up with My Plate Manager. Her initial goal of assisting the clients with their fitness objectives in an enjoyable way is achieved through this. The diet planning methodology allows the clients how and what to consume, in order to have a good digestive health and improved quality of life.  

What is My Plate Manager?

It is a one stop solution to get help, guidance and assistance for overall health and wellness related issues apart from just catering to diet plans for weight loss. People suffering from problems like diabetes, hearth issues, thyroid, PCOS, and mental stress need a diet chart which is healthy and can help in reducing the aforementioned symptoms. It is easy to recover with proper medication. Every individual’s body is different and we understand it from their medical history. After that, we suggest diet plans. It also takes into consideration factors such as daily nutrient intake, especially in the case of a health problem. Following a nutritionist-prescribed diet plan can help you to recover more quickly. So, therefore it helps you in maintaining your health better.  

So, here is a summary of what we do the best at My Plate Manager:

  • Educating you for better food choices. 
  • Giving consultation in both physical and virtual(online) mode, hence catering to more clients.
  • Helping and assisting you in your journey to fitness. 

So, if you also wanted to have good diet plans, but didn’t find a reliable guide, then Binny Choudhry is the best person to guide you as she is a certified nutritionist. The best way to begin with is maintaining your diet with a certified nutritionist. These diet plans are made keeping in mind your body requirements and your medical history. So, contact Binny Choudhry and embark on your fitness journey now!

Contact Number: +91-7838171636


Instagram: myplatemanager

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