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BITS Pilani Launches PhD Program “PhD-DRIVE” to Foster Deep Tech Ventures



In a significant step towards nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship, BITS Pilani has unveiled an innovative doctoral program named “PhD-DRIVE,” which stands for Deep-tech Research, Innovation, Value generation & Entrepreneurship. This pioneering initiative is designed to channel the power of technology and science expertise towards creating deep-tech and deep-science startup ventures that can address critical business challenges.

Empowering Future Innovators:

BITS Pilani has long been at the forefront of fostering innovation and excellence in education. With the launch of PhD-DRIVE, the institution is taking a giant leap towards empowering future innovators and entrepreneurs who possess a strong foundation in technology and science. The program aims to equip students not just with academic knowledge but also with the skills and mindset required to translate their expertise into real-world solutions.

A Unique Blend of Education and Entrepreneurship:

PhD-DRIVE is set to revolutionize the way students approach higher education by seamlessly integrating academic rigor with entrepreneurial aspirations. It recognizes that innovation and entrepreneurship are critical drivers of economic growth and social progress, and hence, the program is tailored to cater to individuals with a clear intent to establish their startups.

The Key Components of PhD-DRIVE:

  1. Admission Criteria: The program will admit students who bring deep expertise in technology and science. This ensures that participants possess the necessary technical know-how to dive into the world of deep tech ventures.
  2. Entrepreneurship Courses: A cornerstone of PhD-DRIVE is its comprehensive coursework in entrepreneurship. This element of the program equips students with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complex landscape of starting and managing a business.
  3. Incubation Program: The program includes an incubation component that provides students with hands-on experience in developing their startup ventures. This invaluable practical exposure is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs to refine their ideas and strategies.
  4. Funding Support: Recognizing that financial support is often a crucial factor in transforming ideas into viable businesses, PhD-DRIVE offers funding opportunities for students to build and scale their startups. This financial support can be a game-changer for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Addressing Critical Business Challenges:

One of the primary objectives of PhD-DRIVE is to encourage participants to tackle pressing business challenges through deep tech and deep science solutions. This approach is aligned with the global trend of harnessing advanced technologies and scientific knowledge to drive innovation and address complex problems.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation:

By launching PhD-DRIVE, BITS Pilani is not only imparting knowledge but also instilling a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The program encourages students to think beyond the confines of traditional academia and embark on a journey of practical problem-solving, ultimately leading to the creation of new ventures that can make a significant impact on society.


The introduction of the PhD-DRIVE program by BITS Pilani represents a visionary step in the realm of higher education. It recognizes the importance of nurturing entrepreneurial talent and leveraging technological and scientific expertise to address real-world challenges. This initiative has the potential to not only produce groundbreaking startups but also contribute to the larger ecosystem of innovation and economic growth in India. As aspiring entrepreneurs enter the world of deep tech ventures through PhD-DRIVE, they are poised to shape the future with their ingenuity and transformative solutions.

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