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Aamiyah: From Teacher to Fitness Pageant Champion, Breaking Stereotypes!



Women, post marriage still feel uncomfortable talking about their health because they are taught that their health is not a priority. Here is where winning a Fitness Pageant Title, post marriage becomes relevant.

Aamiyah, the title winner of Mrs.Kerala Fitness 2023 by SR Events, inspires women to prioritise their health. After completing her Masters in English Literature and with over 5 years of experience as a teacher, Aamiyah took a bold step to choose fitness as a career. Her father had a strong influence on her. “My father raised me in a secular way and never wanted me to fit into a conventional and stereotypical job or role.” She recalls.

As people generally think, in a pageant, winning is not determined by a pretty face. Your crown depends on how you perform in the different rounds and tasks. In Mrs.Kerala Fitness 2023, the participants had to compete in fitness and strength assessment round, fitness walking and posing round, traditional costume round, talent round, introduction round and question answer round. It is how you speak in the introduction and question answer rounds that make an impact.

Aamiyah entered her first pageant in 2019 in Mrs.Malabar where she was the finalist and bagged the sub title Mrs.Best Confidence. In the next year, she won her first title in Arson Star Stamp 2020. Mrs.Kerala Fitness followed in 2023 and she won the the crown again. She also won the Mrs.Talented subtitle.

Aamiyah is the daughter of Parakkal Muhammad, and Vilasini . She is married to Afthwab Basheer, the founder of Comma Fitness Club that offers online and offline health coaching, diet counselling, ayurvedic nutrition, rehabilitation, muscle building and strengthening, post delivery programs and fat loss . She is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, particularly their rights to education, belief, career and their freedom of choice. Aamiyah, the co-founder of Comma Fitness Club strongly believes in the importance of staying healthy and fit after marriage and bearing children.

She also stresses on the importance of strength and resistance training for women. In a world where women are obsessed with fitting into a small size dress and being skinny by doing excessive cardio and following fad diets, Aamiyah stresses on the importance of muscle strength, endurance, stability, conditioning and flexibility. “It is not your overall body weight that matters. It is your total body composition and strength that you should focus on. “She says. Being a certified fitness professional, Aamiyah aims to create awareness in people especially women to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Photography and makeup credits: Mr.Creater , Remya Styling

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