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Burger Bae Offers a Wide Range of Clothing: Check Out the Latest!



Burger Bae is a sustainable streetwear clothing brand that was started in the year 2018. Rohan Kashyap, the founder of Burger Bae, was pursuing CFA when he was brainstormed with the idea that the younger generation is fashionable and they needed a brand that could meet their needs and resonate with them. While he started Burger Bae, he postponed his CFA final year, but he has never regretted doing so. 

Rohan belongs to Ludhiana, Punjab, while he was employed at Capstone, but he quit his job and returned to Ludhiana, his native place. He started his business on Instagram, where he would sell clothes that were made especially for the young people keeping the trends and market fashion in mind. As he started doing so, the response was overwhelming, and this encouraged him to scale up and upgrade his business to the next level. That was when he put his heart-soul, sweat, and blood into bringing up and nurturing Burger Bae.

Rohan says, “It was not just me who built Burger Bae. In the year 2018, when Burger Bae was budding, my sister played an important role.” Rohan’s sister, Ojasvee, a fashion designer from NIFT, was working with Anamika Khanna, a renowned Bollywood fashion designer. He further adds, “Ojasvee gave her major inputs to build the brand. Her time, her designs, everything played an important role here. The designs that she designed were accepted and loved by the customers.” Later, Rohan asked her sister to join Burger Bae’s team and help the brand grow. 

What started with an initial investment of 5lacs, quitting of job, and selling clothes on Instagram from a 250 sq. ft store today now has a hardworking team that is working continuously to provide seamless and smooth service to its customers. The brand now occupies a 5400 sq. ft. space of factory from where it ships across the country. 

Rohan learned every day in his journey. He knew little about how to set up a business or run a successful business, but his passion and zeal to turn his dream into reality were much stronger than anything else, and he kept going. He faced a lot of problems and struggles while setting up his own brand. The hurdles did not stop him but made him stronger and a better version of himself. Some of the few problems that he encountered were; that the manufacturing units they wanted to tie up with had a high minimum order quantity requirement, which was difficult for a small brand. Setting up a factory of their own brand was risky and required huge investment and high expenses. But the problem with this solution arrived when he set up his own factory. After a period of a year and a half after that, things changed— for the better now, Rohan had control over the units he wanted to manufacture. He could analyse the market and bring what was demanded and what was trendy because of which they could manufacture more of the famous and unique pieces of clothes that gave them recognition.

Burger Bae manufactures and delivers apparel for both men and women. Clothes like tops, skirts, jeans, tank tops, shades, masks, bags, T-shirts for men, hoodies, sweatshirts, and much more. A wide range of products is available at Burger Bae, and all are unique, new, and trendy. The products that are manufactured at Burger Bae are quality assured products and have a full guarantee. The secret mantra for the success of Burger Bae is their quality products; their products are reliable and go through various quality checks, ensuring that only excellent pieces are delivered to the customer. 

Their express delivery makes it a more preferred mode than any other clothing brand, and the questions-asked exchange policy gives the customer hassle-free treatment. Burger Bae’s customer assistant support is always ready to guide you and help you in your shopping, which makes your shopping a memorable experience with Burger Bae. A woo-hoo experience is all that Burger Bae wants you to have with them.

From the beginning, Rohan was clear about what Burger Bae would produce, sell and distribute. This clear path made it rise from 50,000 per month to 5 lacs per day at the highest. With over 60 to 70 lacs monthly revenue, Burger Bae has come a long way since its inception. 

Rohan used the right techniques and strategies that helped him boost his business. Techniques like Instagram Marketing, Running Ads, etc., have yielded significant benefits to his business. During the Lockdown in 2020, the business boomed due to high online activity, and to be able to mark its presence Rohan started ad campaigns that brought colossal traffic. There was a spike in the shopping for clothes in the country. 

Rohan aims to be a million-dollar business by end of 22-23 and 3 million by 23-24 financial year by expanding its services abroad, offering them the taste of Burger Bae.

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