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“CallOne hits another milestone in mobile accessories with each achievement marking their success!”



The vision and mindset that these people had was iconic and due to this great idea Call One was born. Mr. Rohit Sabharwal and Mr. Sanjay Khurana are the co-founders of this venture and they have done quite well. Currently one of the top brands in electronic accessories that offers variety and quality under same roof. It has been active in the market for more than 25 years and now has become veteran in the field.

Since the past 25 years it has made its name in the market due to its quality and quality services. It has a unique strategy and innovation in their company which has helped then grow continuously in the market without a downfall. The professionals at CallOne are continuously working on development of the products to make sure that they sync with the modern world necessities. They work with consumers requirements and observe their satisfaction and carefully noted their feed; this helps them to provide best to their consumers providing them world-class options and meeting their day-to-day technology needs with their gadgets and accessories. 

Mr. Rohit Sabharwal is currently the Chief Managing Director of CallOne Imports Pvt. Ltd who started his journey in the year 1995 with his business. He was always keen to impact society with his work and give something to the society, with the establishment of the Callmate India Pvt Ltd, his first business he turned his dream into reality. 

India mobile phone accessories market is estimated to be valued at US$ 2,115.2 million in 2021 which is expected to reach US$ 3,110.18 Million in upcoming two years. In the past years CallOne has successfully promoted made in India products and people have shifted from foreign goods to indigenous products. Now the company not only completes India’s requirement but are also able to export the products. 

Mr. Sabharwal started his journey during the time when mobile phone was a luxury and was not affordable to all but he was dedicated and determined to start something different and anew hence when mobile phones were accessible to only handful people in the country, he started his business during those days. He says, “It may seem normal to see everyone with a phone now a days but in those early days it was a rare case scenario not everyone could afford it and neither was everyone aware of it. It was late in the 2000’s when people became aware and they started buying phones and then smart phones.”

Every step was a hard risk but there is no business without risk, knowing the risk he was taking, especially with his import and business it was of a different level. It was difficult to match the quality of the foreign products and the more difficult thing was to gain the trust of people. As they were taking baby steps, they made sure that they would learn from the mistakes and failures that they make but one thing was crystal clear that was not to give up. After sheet hard work and their determination, they made it through the toughest phase and today CallOne is one of the biggest mobile accessories brands that offers premium quality headphones, chargers, power banks, speakers etc. Today the company has achieved various milestones because of their premium quality and for the same reason it has turned out to be one of the top manufactures in terms of quality and product standards.

A dedicated team of professionals in consistently working or Research and Development of the products, Rohit Sabharwal himself holds first-hand experience in design and R&D team. He also holds experience in manufacturing and production facilities as well that has enhanced his knowledge and insights in this field as well.

Customer satisfaction and aim to serve them better is the motivation that inspires CallOne to work hard and expand. The company has also cooperated and worked with many multinational enterprises, supplying them commercial charges for public place charging zone and a lot of others things included. 

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