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Canada’s Fastest-Growing Global Travel Company Raises $20 Million in an Initial Round of Funding.



New Delhi, March 16, 2022

Canada’s fastest-growing global travel company,, an B2B & B2C travel company, has just raised $20 million in an initial round of funding for 10% equity in the company, raising its valuation to $200 million. It has offices in New Jersey (USA), Prince Edward Island (Canada) and Mumbai (India)

Therefore through an Undisclosed west coast based global private equity company, the company has struck out this deal after quite a few rounds of discussions with the management and stakeholders. is going to use these funds to enhance their technology, strike exclusive deals with airlines also by pre-purchasing Seats on several airlines and hotels, operational expansion and marketing.

The company’s president is an international entrepreneur, and the rest of the board of directors are travel professionals with extensive knowledge of the online and offline travel industry. will use these funds to pre-purchase hotel rooms exclusively and seats in various airlines and would sign up exclusive deals to penetrate growth in sales and profitability.

The online travel portal aggressively focuses on expanding its domestic agent network with 27,000 travel agents. Globally, it is focusing on signing off at least 50,000 travel agents and is offering 1.5% higher commissions in the domestic & international market space, which is much higher commissions for travel agents as compared to other air and hotel consolidators in the domestic market. will exclusively pre-purchase inventory of 5-star hotel properties globally to enhance profitability and will especially promote those properties in the online and B2B market space through various online meta-search engines, Television etc.


We are an Online Travel portal specialising in Flights from Canada to India on all airlines with special pricing. This is our Forte, and We challenge that we can beat any price in Canada.

Media Contact: Uriel Contreras,, (902) 600-0922, Public Relations Officer, 

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